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  1. Help! I thought I was doing well on my baby afghan, but I am still mastering not decreasing on one side. Could I just weave in the ends or single crochet along the side to fix it?
  2. Actually, yeah! I do like it. I went to my ladies bible study and they said they liked it. They called it the infinity cowl. One of the ladies asked me to make one for her.
  3. OK, I just thought I would post this. I crocheted this is in about an hour, and it kind of shows. I didn't realize to do a foundation row before forming my round. Next time, I will read the directions more thoroughly...thanks everyone. I do intend to make this again and hopefully it will look a lot better with no twists.
  4. Mary thanks for the link, that was a great help. Consider it bookmarked. Here is the pattern I am working on: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/L20326B.html?noImages= What gets me is the beginning row. Do I do that before I do the ring? THanks Rose Red.
  5. Thanks everyone! OK I will tackle the round. The thing that makes it difficult is that I have to hold two strands at once, a giant hook (P) and the instructions confuse me. After doing the chain does the slip stitch go on the last chain to start the round? Does the slip stitch count as the first stitch? Thanks for your help.
  6. I know this is supposed to be easy but being as talented as I am, I make it difficult. I am trying to do a quick neck cowl with my P hook and right now the idea of just crocheting the rows and sewing the ends together seems like a good idea. Could I get away with that?
  7. Wow...that is all I've got say. I am looking forward to seeing the pics.
  8. That is beautiful! I can understand shunning other projects to work on this.
  9. There is a local consignment store called Younique Boutique that accepts handmade garments and accessories. I figured its a good start.
  10. Hello everyone! The Into the Woods baby afghan is slowly taking shape! So far all I have is sky and tree trunks, but there is a lot more to come! I just thought I would share what I have so far!
  11. I love the afghan! What is the pattern you used and what materials?! My husband also loves it.
  12. Yay! Alaskans! I knew I would find you....I have been living in Alaska for almost three years. I reside in Wasilla so I hope to hear from some Valley crocheters!
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