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    Greensboro, NC
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    Weather, Crocheting, Reading, Photography, and many more.
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    Granny Squares as of right now. :-)
  1. Ben Ryan

    New in NC!

    Greetings to my fellow North Carolinian I too am am fairly new to the whole crochet thing. I am currently working on an Afghan made out of Granny Squares. I look forward to learning all sorts of things from this website, so glad I found it!
  2. Hi everyone! I would still consider myself a beginner to crocheting, although I have been doing it for about 4 months now. I have been working on the same project for 2 months now. I am making an Afghan Blanket out of granny squares, which are just the basic granny square consisting of 5 rounds. Also, the Afghan is made up of 3 different colors. Right now I am 1/3 of the way, with about 40 squares. I will be so glad when it is completed because it will be my completed crochet project.