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  1. Im so happy you liked the package- it was sooo easy to shop for you - we have such similar tastes!.... I really enjoyed getting to know you, and becoming friends with you! crochet hugs!
  2. Hi Stacy!- busy night-family dinner...so not any time to start brainstorming !!- but I will be emailing you in the morning- and getting a plan together for your swap!!
  3. what!!-you have a plan already?????????????? YIKES!!
  4. ohhh Im in too! I just had to join this one !! missed it last year - sounds like so much fun !
  5. ok , so I waited, lurked...and now I see its just calling my name !! what a fun swap!hope I can think of some cool stuff for my swappie partner!
  6. ohhh Janet - waaay cool- but now I want to see how you are going to use them on your amazing crochet stuff ( or sewing stuff)
  7. WOOOO HOOO_ I have THE bestest ever swap partner!!- I just got a huge box of goodies from Tiffer93! inside were sooooooooooo many things I was speechless! All just PERFECT for me - Just LOOK at all my stuff!!! 8 skeins of cotton,6 skeins of bernat satin, and apple candle,Pink canvas bag,A box of NOtions its covered in the same fabric as my fab new hook holder!- that is full of hooks!! and scissors and a pattern marking pen!! The box contains; sewing needles and pearl pins,corks,yarns sleeves,a needle nest,yarn labels,needle threader,darning needles,crochet labels,seam ripper,scissors,stitch markers,hook protectors. A beaded fan pull! Beautiful green beaded necklace ,bracelet and earring set - ( green is my fav color) and its just beautiful! black and white necklace and bracelet set - really cool- looks oriental! Basket full of stationary- 2 packs of note cards and a journal... Oh Im exhausted just listing it all- what am amazing package ! and Tiffer emailed me - says there is something else in the mail too- wow all I can say is wow! THANKYOU so much Tiffany - a beautifully put together swap package that PERFECTLY reflects all the things I love !!! I do hope you like yours as much as I like mine !!! huge hugs:hug:manyheart:hug
  8. what lovely bags..my fav is the red one too!
  9. Janet-just love the fabric you chose!
  10. ok, we need a gaggle of goats for all you 'G' last names!
  11. my wonderful FG sent me a fab red package ; 3 fat quarters and a spool of matching thread! yay- I love it ! Ohhh and not in the pic - is a really lovely beaded peacock key chain - its already on my keys!! thankyou sooo much!!
  12. ok Janet -if I get you I dont know how to mail a goat!!! -I dont think it will fit in a flat rate box!
  13. LOL- Janet- I honestly didnt think of your last name!!!!! gift basket,granny squares, grapes, gorillas,goldfish,gel pens,gingerbred,girl with the dragon tattoo(book), Gone with the wind,guacamole...gucci or guess!
  14. lol-F is good ,......lots of ideas... F- The letter F (in black...maybe wooden letter would be perfect in my craft room)! Fat quarters / Fabric,Frogs/fairies/swedish FISH/flower embelishments , will give your G a thought...Im sure theres lots of GOODIES!!!
  15. hmmmm here the K that I thought of (I was a little worried that K was a difficult letter!!) knifty knitter, knook, knook pattern book, knitting needles, knit patterns, key chain, kaleidoscope, hershey Kisses,Kindle book,kitten,kitshy,kitchen stuff, kits,keurig Kpacks,kewpie doll/pattern,koala,komodo dragon,kung fu panda, kitkats,
  16. hey Emma, can I make a trip home and help you unpack!!??? lol
  17. Tina- thats a beautiful friendship ghan!... I am a little closer to mine today- I got a lovely square from KatyAllen8090.. Thank you so much -I am thrilled with it -such a lovely square!
  18. OMGGGGGGGGGGG....now I really cannot wait!!!!!! I thought you threw that question in there to see if I was still awake!lol
  19. package is mailed!!! woo hooo- I couldnt fit another thing in the box !! Hope you like it Tiffany!(I'm thinkin ya will!lol)
  20. thats very cute! she will love it !!
  21. ohhhh I gotta mail out my notions swap-will send it tomorrow!! then jump in here...I cant miss this one...
  22. the yarn sounds lovely!- please enter me too! thanks
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