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  1. very cute bag-your coworker will love it !
  2. tiff- they are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute ! you did a great job on them!
  3. I have the knook too- been waiting for a lull in my swaps, to try it- this doesnt make me feel real good about it- Im not a very good (patient) knitter, I was hoping I could at least get this mastered!
  4. It looks warm and snuggly! great job!
  5. S- starburst,skittles, sour patch,socks,scarf,sugar and cream, salad dressing,scissors,scrap-book,sculpey,seagulls,seaside stuff,scented candles,sewing notions,several skeins of soft yarn!!,shawl,sheep,shiny hook,shrinky dinks,silver,snail ami,soap,squirrel,granny squares, scrabble,spoons, stationary,stickers,strawberry, surprise!!! wow thats a great letter!
  6. Thats cool Rachel...I had no idea how to figure out what number member I was...woo I'm number 67! Happy Birthday Crochetville!
  7. I had an email from Fran telling me I had a pre-swap package...well it arrived.... a package full of Zippers!! no, my name isnt Zelda!- I want to make Flowers from the zippers...and my name is Fiona!- how cool is she for thinking of that one!!! THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!- I cat wait to try the flowers!
  8. gosh you have got so much done- really cute .. love the hats and the photo props are just waaaaaayy cute! great job
  9. Lotion, lavender, loops and threads yarn,Lambswool,lemon,lilac,little crochet animals ) amigurumis!!),lanyard,lapsang souchong tea, lighthouse,letters,linen,lace,llama,list pad,laces,licorice,lottery ticket.
  10. ohhh patty - was that lunch at the ethiopian place?( I forget the name...but a really cute little place....) my last shopping trip wasnt as good as I had hoped - so Im hoping for a better one today too. No, it was at Shish Ke Bob House, opposite Park Mall (tucked into the little strip mall west of the Pier 1 store). It's delicious! Although I haven't eaten at the Ethiopian place in a few years, and you're right--it's delicious. I need to go back soon, now!
  11. today seems to be a popular shopping day.....I' going to hit hobby lobby and joanes too- I have a list too, but cant promise to stick to it !!lol:D
  12. Thankyou so much!- M w a motif!! I just got your lovely square- its so pretty!!
  13. I totally agree- making a new ville friend is just the best!...Tiffer and I have been emailing every day.....and Im pretty sure that we'll continue to be great friends long after the swap is over! Today I got an extra surprise in the mail from Webs online store, a cute zippered pouch ( perfect for the on the go projects - ) a cool green tape measure and the coolest thread cutting ring ( hadnt seen this one before!!) Tiffer- thankyou so much! you're an amazing swap partner! and a lovely new found ville friend!
  14. A very generous FGM has gifted me with a lovely package of needlefelting supplies that she no longer has use for. The needles/block, patterns, books, a chinese paper cut book ( I love Chinese stuff!) a hairpin crochet set, and a caligraphy set. She also made a lovely hook holder and mug bucket for me in a fun bright cactus fabric ( its so fun!) I cant wait to sit down and play with my new craft supplies! FGM- you are very generous indeed, Thankyou so very much!
  15. My NY FGM just raoked me the 2 lovely patterns on my list - just have to wait for them to be mailed to me !0- I am so thrilled! She really is a very special Fairy Gift Mother! thankyou so much
  16. WHAT!!!! you dont need help!! you were out on a recon mission on the first morning.....I'm playing catch up! but I do think I have a really cool plan - just need a little work on one ..'thing'
  17. Thats so cool- I love how your organizer can hold those little booklets!
  18. This swap is worse than playing scrabble!!- last night I was struggling/pouring over dictionary pages....inventing words!!! ( just like how I play scrabble!!lol) BUT today - ......today I have a plan! its going to be creative, but very fun!
  19. I had forgotten all about this- what a nice surprise- (its taken me hours to think of these wishes!!) Vintage buttons - white or metal this cute pattern- http://hejhog-uk.com/artesano-superwash-merino-dk-hollywood-pattern-p-5482.html Gifted by my NY FGM - Thankyou so much! this lovely pattern-http://hejhog-uk.com/bergere-de-france-crochet-vest-p-5366.html Gifted by my NY FGM- THankyou so much! fabric- fat 1/4 or 1/2 yrd lengths are greatrec some from the awesome NY fgm matching thread yarn- ILTC bright colored rick rak (or any bright fun trim) zippers- I really want to try making those zipper flower embellishments Amazing- my swap partner for starts with a ...sent me 'M' ....Metal zippers - hugs Licorice or gummy candy -( gotta snack while we crochet ? -right???) Bigelow french vanilla tea
  20. Hi- well , I just saw a fun email with lots of chocolatey ideas ;) scarves/pincushions/cupcakey things and there's LOTS of chocolatey yarns out there! and.............................. and.......................................... oohhh you didnt think I was gonna tell you EVERYTHING did ya????
  21. Wow they are lovely J:clapanet!
  22. thats such a pretty color blue.... like our endless blue skies! I'm sure the lucky recipient will just love it.
  23. Im working on a list.......Im aiming to shop on Friday!
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