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  1. I am so excited...tomorrow....tomorrow....it gets here tomorrow!!
  2. oh thats so cool!! I will email ya the second your package arrives !! thx!!
  3. FAB FAB FAB -awesome ......love them all !
  4. Sarah...Im thrilled you liked everything!- I thought the kids would like to help plant stuff...and the taco garden made me laugh I know its not flowers...but it kind of had the from arizona theme !!lol this has been such a fun swap-Great idea Patty!!
  5. That FGM in NY has been busy!-I got some lovely smelly soaps a bath pouf and some really cool buttons too! thank you so much !!!!
  6. I received a beautiful teal square from Brenda (bgs) and a really lovely card! thank you so much for thinking of me - its a really pretty square!
  7. lovely fabric combo-( great pick Tiff!!) and what an awesome bag- janet your bags are beautiful!
  8. went out and about shopping today-lets just say I picked up some supplies for a project and some fun goodies for the swap!-yay I so happy I started!
  9. woooohooo I got mail today! That super kind FGM in NY has been busy again - look at these cool buttons - AND a hook with a fun sculpey handle!! they are soo cool! thank you sooo much !
  10. Patti- I got the cactus covered!!!!! Been chatting up a storm with heart!, she's already been shopping- I should be out and about shopping tomorrow! ( Ive just been plotting and planning !!)
  11. WOW_ you guys are on it already!- I was out with fiends this afternoon - so havent had a chance to email heart yet - a new ville friend we have never swapped before - how cool! I dont know that I will be first to get the scavenger hunt done!! but I surfed around on line last night and have some very fun ideas! just need to go stalk heart for a while and see what she likes!
  12. OMG- the box is jam packed with goodies- a lovely tote bag with a flower on it - wait inside a really cute package of stationary ( personalised- a note from fiona!- and yes she made the box- its sooo cute! a bag of die cute flowers! and a bag of crochet flower embelishments!- stunning stitch markers!( with the most adorable little labels!) fairy and frog little cards/matching envies-( in the most adorable gift box- yes made by fran! beautifully hand knit lovely lilac colored fan and feather scarf bigelow tea gummy candy fab lime green bag handles clover slash cutter!-very cool! meerkat washcloths! bamboo handle hooks-g/h/i/k/l/m !- wow! cadbury chocolate, maltesers-OMG my all time fav! swedish fish - lol a very close second fav! bright and happy lime hot pink tote bag!- I LOVE it! 5 packages of dmc floss- beautiful colors! 8 skeins of shine sport in hot pink- FAB FAB FAB! 9 fat quarters of wonderful fabric, lime green simply soft shawl- beautifl! mary englebright-royal fabric!- sooo fun !!2 kinds- plenty to make lots with! making waves baby sweater/hat pattern- adorable! learn to do hairpin lace- I have to try this technique!! a create pen, and ....OMG - an absolutely way cool collage picture!- with an F !!- its amazing ! fran - you are an amazing swap partner!!-sooo very creative! thankyou soooooooooo much I love it all.
  13. Fran- glad you liked it - I had a blast putting it together ; that steampunk inspired bracelet was the one I was most excited about ( cos I havent done anything like that before!) Im opening mine right now!!!!!!!!!! back in a minute!
  14. thats just beautiful!....wow first buttons and now jewellry...there is no end to your crafting talents! stunning!
  15. Mary jo- you always pick the nicest colors for these bags!-and Im sure you must crochet in your sleep...no sooner do you mail one out -then another one appears like magic! you are amazing ! great job once again.
  16. My box of chocolatey goodness from Stacy arrived yesterday but Im only just getting a chance to take a pic and post now! A box of brownie mix 4 skeins of yarn crocheted wristlets 3 bars cadbury chocolate-my fav an almond joy-yum! cute cupcake pincushion sewing kit I think the almond joy is calling my name!!! thanks for a great swap,its been fun chatting with you and getting to know a new crochetville friend
  17. A wonderful fgm in Ny gifted me these patterns-they had to come from overseas...so I have been really patient...and stalking the mailman ;-)...lol and filling my time up with swaps!!! but tomorrow will be a trip to the yarn store for some lovely yarn to make one of these beautiful patterns- thankyou so much for such a special gift! you are a fab crochet friend!
  18. THANKYOU so much!what a surprise to find a ravely hat pattern in my inbox! my sneaky fgm in Ky had been on and checked out my favs and with a sprinkling of magic fairy dust- its there...just for me ! huge hugs my fab friend!
  19. Stacy!- mailed my package yesterday- so start stalking the mailman!!-Seriously-I could not fit another thing in the box !!~ it was bursting at the seams!!-I do hope you like your box of chocolately goodness!
  20. I was totally surprised,thrilled and stunned -a very special fgm in KY sent me this incredible cheese and wine basket- I am feeling very spolit and special! I wish I could open and share with my special ville friends..... thankyou so much for an extremely special gift-you are exceptionally thoughtful,and a wonderful friend.
  21. wooo I got to work on my swap box today!- I have one item finished and one almost...will finish it up in the morning...I found a box...and will give it a try...but It might not do the trick....
  22. oohhh LOOK at these fun and beautiful buttons my FG in NY sent me ! she is sooo awesome....I cant wait to find the perfect project for them! thankyou so much!!
  23. CUTE!!!! now when did you find the time to do those???!!!
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