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  1. oohhhhhh me please......( hhmmm BUt now i have seen Rebeccas - amazing flower she put on her ponchette- I'm thinking I have to find some pretty amazing flowers !and still I dont think they would be anything like hers!! and you know what I had a daffodil open up today!- wooohoooo a sign that I just had to do this swap! Fiona
  2. WOW- the ponchette is fab- and the flower- its just awesome-:)h can you let me know when you get that pattern up on your web site.... You're very talented!! Fiona
  3. OH Rebecca- now EVERYONE can see how lucky I am :cheer2 - that is THE most gorgous yarn ever!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the poncho :cheer2 Fiona
  4. oh well- I know whose making mine:clap - OMG - I wont be able to sleep ...........and I got a sneak preview of the yarn - OMG( is she psychic as well as a wild and talented woman of yarn?????) Fiona
  5. yeah!!!I just got an e-card from my secret pal!!!! - so happy!!!!! Fiona
  6. Oh yay got mine too- emailed to say hi - (hope my 'secret email works!!) ready to go shopping tomorrow for some treasures to mail!!! And I already had an email from my secret pal !_ oh this is sooooo exciting !!!:cheer2
  7. ( lurked for ages - but gotta chat now!!LOL) I have a knitted cardigan ( mohair and ribbon) it has the ribbon as an accent( knitted into it) - on the top of the pockets/ on one row of the ribbing..../and buttonhole border- looks really nice. ( also intermittantly thru the pattern)Try using it as accents on ordinary crochet things - it would be just stunning( I crochet- my mum is the knitter!!) OOHH - and I just was at a quilt/sewing festival today - ( they had all sorts of stuff there- stamping/beading etc) they had these FAB necklaces- "fiber necklaces" using about 6/7 strands of decorative 'Fiber" ( ribbon/yarn/etc....) and say 3 large big 'glob' style beads attached to it - STUNNING!!!!! go for it !!!
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