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  1. Thank you to my FGM in the UK! what an awesome surprise to find ravelry's ZEB the ZEBRA pattern in my inbox! you are awesome! thanks so much!
  2. OMG_ I posted my wishes- then went off to work on some wishes to send- less than an HOUR- I came to my desk - only to discover that KY FGM had been busy granting me a wish already! Thankyou so much - you are a very kind ,thoughtful an extremely busy FGM! HUGE hugs and thankyou's:hug
  3. I've seen a few wishes that I can grant...so I had to think about some summer wishes for myself ( its surprisingly hard to do!!) this pretty pattern for the miranda summer top- http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/miranda-crochet-summer-top granted by the very busy, kind,generous and thoughful FGM in NY. fat quarters/charms squares/jelly rolls.... so I can have fun with some fabric! baby duck hat- http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/duck-cap---newborn-to-3-years WOW_ I've been gone an hour - working on wishes- and my FAB FG in KY has been busy granting me this lovely wish!-Im so excited!-thankyou so much! Zeb the zebra pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/zeb-the-zebra thank you to the FM from the UK for gifting me this! ILTY/ILTC yarn friendship squares in my fav colors- LIME GREEN /HOT PINK surprise me! * I just rescued a dog, a little year old maltese...she is adorable-so any links/ideas for pet things would be really cool. thanks :-) Thats about it...off to get some wishes granted!
  4. OH MY GOODNESS:c9 I am in AWE - total AWE!!! I swear Tiffany couldn't fit one more single thing in this box! I open to see a beautiful tote in my fav colors hot pink lime green- stuffed to the brim....overflowing with - crocheting awesomeness goodies! ok so as I unpacked it all- I have to say its THE most prettiest swap package I have ever seen! Im openinng each thing - going ohhh ahhhhh like its xmas ! - seriously! the beatuiful tote - green/white and pink flowered outside- a cute pink /lime check inside A lovely note from her dh Ben, saying he found me some licorice candies- ( ok - confession - Im eating the scotty dogs as I write this!!lol) 2 boxes of Mike n Ikes 2 boxes Good n Plenty swedish fish red and black twizzlers !pretty notecards a fab sewing pattern for a really nice tote a pink holder with a seam ripper and 2 polymer clay handled hooks- PINK and GREEN!! a skein of ILTY in HOT PINK and one in LIME GREEN LIME GREEN and HOT PINK felt Green and Pink fabric a Green manicure set pink and green felt flower pins Pink and green candlea SET of PINK glass beads and a set of GREEN too!! a cool lime green hook holder ( where did you getthis - I love it - PERFECT for on the go project bag!) with a FAB clover hook 3.5 ( my most popular hook- and most often lost - so I am always buying them!!lol- never tried these kind - so excited!! A STUNNING hook holder in LIME and PINK a fun pen that matches perfectly!! and notebook too- AND A WHOLE SET OF BAMBOO hooks! faints with excitement! a BOYE rosewood hook in 3.5 also - Oh tiffer- Im speechless! a fantastic crocheted hook holder....( with buttons I recognise!- in polymer clay - its sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!) with a FULL SET of BOYE hooks ( my go to fav!) a complete set of hooks markers ( I think they are fantastic- I am forever leaving projects and then not remembering what hook I used!) and a set of the prettiest stitch markers in Lime and pink A lovely zipper pouch - so pretty - I love the fabric FILLED with sewing notions that I love ..ribbon/buttons/tape measure/needles/covered button kit/yarn needles and......... a really fun bright and happy - stunning necklace bracelet AND EARRINGS in the coolest lime and green - I am floored by your thoughtfulness and generosity! what an absolutely fantastic and eyecatching swap package of wonderful goodies! wow all I can say is WOW thankyou soooo very very much!
  5. thank you to a special ny elf- she gifted me a surprise bag pattern... Ive not seen this before- but its sooooo ME! I might hae to stop my current project and start this - OOOhhhh you're sooooo bad!!!!!! what an enabler!!!! but I love ya!!! thanks so much!!
  6. hey Sabrina, glad it got there ok...and you like everything so much! Its a yarn holder!-so the yarn doesnt roll around the floor when you're crocheting. The shawl is done in bernat satin-(forget the color name-first time I used that yarn-I was really happy how it turned out)-pattern was a freebie on ravelry.
  7. what a cool 'basket'...............just love it, and all those goodies too! awesome swap package!
  8. Hey Tiffer- Im thrilled you like everything- I have to tell you I LOVE you fav colors so its fun and super easy to find stuff for you. just love the yarn-tainer! it might become a fav project for me! enjoy your goodies-cant wait to see the finished babyghan. crochet hugs
  9. Tiffer - your paqckage is on its way .....hope you like it !
  10. Sabrina-your package is on its way!!!! hope you like it
  11. I had a burst of crafting energy today - and got a project for tiffer 93 all done, Ineed to box it up all nicely and think Im good to go!
  12. I think I m ready to ship Sabrinas package...well, have to find a box and then get it all packed up - but Im good to go!
  13. Ive been sewing and crocheting a little goodness for Sabrinas basket! ya me ! - getting things done ! also stoppd and shopped....found some goodies- just need one more shopping trip -and Im good to go !
  14. Ive been working on a project for Tiffer- all done -really happy - have another that goes with it to do nect. Wnet out to go shopping for a little extra...thought it would be a slam dunk to pick it up- but no!!- yikes- off to another joannes tomorrow!( its one of those joannes etc) so fingers crossed- or else I resort to ordering online- -still have time - so all is good!
  15. Hi Sabrina- Happy Easter! I have a theme- well two!!lol and have been shopping for some goodies!! I also have been a little creative on a little project for you-Im really pleased with!!!(of course I cant say any more!!)
  16. Hiya Tiffany Hook- got it Hook Holder- got plan/got fabric/need time stitch markers-need ingredients goodies- oh yeah! Im excited to work on some fun projects for ya! Have a Happy Easter!
  17. OHH look what my FGM in NY sent me ......... the fabric is sooo pretty, bright blues and greens, so spring like-thread as well!-I just want to go and sew! thank you so much -I love it
  18. I have been surfing around and finally shopped for some goodies on line...and finally come up with a 'plan' for a project to make ............... so happy at last to get something done-
  19. I dont think I have a theme....but I have made a little start with shopping!- and I have a project in mind- will try and get that started in the next few days too..
  20. Hi Sarah, / Heart your delightful package arrived yesterday afternoon.....I didnt get to open it til last night- Its lovely! I had never thought to look for a vintage postcard-I love that idea! Cute buttons...my fav colors too, 3 really cute flower pins.... 6 skeins of knitpicks shine in hydrangea-beautiful! 2 zippers in pastel colors. flowery notepads and the most adorable flower pen!!! I hope I remembered it all!-its such a pretty package... I cant wait to find the perfect project to use the lovely yarn! Thankyou so much-it was so nice to get to know you-check out your blog...and become friends...hope we stay in touch crochet hugs
  21. hi LuvtoCrochet!! Im really excited for this swap-its soo much fun-will be emailing you this morning.....so I can start shopping/creating!
  22. 3.37.............. not here yet!!!! this is worse than xmas!!!!lol
  23. wooo hiya Tiffer93! great to have you as my swap partner! Im so excited to get out there shopping,and creating for ya!!
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