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  1. wooo its beautiful!! congrats on being a bag lady!!!!!!!
  2. I got a square on saturday!!! woo hoo...its from katyallen!-its sooooo pretty-my fav colors :-) lime green /hot pink. I had a busy weekend so Im only getting a chance to post thankyou now! I love it- ohh this afghan is going to be sooo nice! look how pretty; hope everyone had a good holiday weekend hugs
  3. Thank you to the FAB FG in NY- for this beautiful 'project in a package'!!- the fabric is oilcloth- so pretty!...and coordinating fabric in pink for the lining,and a matching green zipper..............everything I need to make a zippered pouch/cosmetic bag...........I cant wait to make one! thankyou so very much !!!
  4. I just finished this cute little ducky baby set- the duck hat pattern was a summer wish gifted to me by a fab FGM in KY!
  5. I had a lovely surprise wish package yesterday from my special FGM inTexas! thankyou so much..just look at these fab goodies!! 2 packs of notecards 3 balls of monaco thread such beautiful colors! a package of fairy rubber stamps !!ohhh I have a project for these already!! embossing folder for my sizzex!!-woooooooo gotta play with this beauty too!!-I looked all over for this particular one but couldnt find it locally!! a skein of ILTY in lime ! LOVE this color!! a fabric flower pattern with a ton of different flowers to try!! and 4 lovely bright happy squares for my happy friendship ghan in lime and hot pink! I am thrilled with everything...thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness! crochet hugs
  6. I really like this pattern-your blanket looks so nice -I think Im going to have to try it ! thanks so much for sharing it! crochet hugs
  7. Love the daisy square!! thanks for sharing
  8. Nice job, once again Tiff!
  9. thats so pretty! awesome job!-your nieces will want a whole wardobe full!!!
  10. ohh they are so cute! - Please enter me too!
  11. I must be the odd one out here- I have made several crochet skirts-, not clingy, fitted at the top and flare out beautifully....longer length. The are lovely! Have you looked around the stores lately - theres a HUGE amount of crochet skirts, tops and dresses this season....even crochet shorts! and crochet trimmed shorts.. I agree most of the 'better' patterns are going to be ones that you buy, but, I have to add -I do think they are totally worth it!
  12. WOO HOO_ I got my basket of goodies swap package from Sabrina!!!! its FAB!- she is a new crochet friend that I have just 'met' from this swap....so how did she nail it ...with finding everything so perfectly me! I opened the (very BIG box!) and there wasnt one - but 2 baskets of goodies!! one beautiful box(just love the box!)...with all sewing goodies; 5 fat 1/4's- so pretty colors! stitchpins markers - always handy- dont want to loose my place! pins magnetic pin flower ( for catching all the loose pins!!!) cute apple slice notepad scissor sharpener ( how cool is that!) seam ripper scissors tape measure row counter a huge box to store spools of cotton/bobbins in - wow what a fantastic organiser for my craft room!! A set of thread hooks - thats awesome ! a really cool hook holder..LOVE it ! sugar and cream big skeins in black and wine and in the crochet basket ( a lovely dark wicker basket!) 3 skeins of spa in the lovely ocean spray color ...( its soo nice- I have 2 patterns that would be PERFECT for this !!) vannas yarn ;2 dusty rose, 1 lime green and 1 pink - ( ohh I love lime green and pink!) and 2 skeins of thread ; cream and mint ( ohhh I think a doily is in my future!!!) Its been so much fun - 'chatting' and getting to know you ....I have another great crochetville friend! thankyou so much for such a thoughtful, and beautifully put together package! crochet hugs
  13. thankyou to another kind FGM for sharing some really fun pet links!
  14. hey Sabrina- I will be stalking the mailman!!! and ill let ya know the minute it gets here....................im gonna love it -I just know!!
  15. Thankyou to a FGM in Florida for sending along some really cute pet projects!( that bone is so cute!) ohhh so many projects...........so little time !! lol
  16. ooohhh love the color, whats the yarn? nd pattern....beautiful job!
  17. lol im thinking maybe sam ( sambuca) or callie (kalliemocho)...my son is on vacation and back this week...so I kind of want him to be in on things too...so we are just kind of doing ...hey little girl ..... right now lol she hasnt been with us a week yet-and already I see such a huge change in her..she is such a delight! yes im thinking of green/pink sqaures next - they are such happy colors. Sue-/turtlvr- hope all is well, take what ever time u need- but you gotta come back REAL soon - we cant make squares without your suprervision!!lol in the meantime- I hope someone can help us control us! crochet hugs
  18. wow- the FGM fro NY is scattering fairy dust all over- I just got to a ravelry email...and woo hoo- the miranda top is there for me - So this summer there will be no time for vacation!!- I will be crocheting away the whole time.....so many fun projects to try out!! thankyou so very much! I think that this FGM needs to have a wishlist going too......some fairy dust will be going your way very soon!
  19. Thankyou to my special FGM in NY for the special patterns...I am so spoilt with new patterns-I dont know what to start first!
  20. I just got a really lovely card and really nice teal and beige square from Carloe, lovin2crochet. I havent checked in on this thread in a while.....not been in the mood to make squares..been doing the swaps etc etc...and I just rescued a little dog (its WORSE than having a baby in the house!LOL) seriously no time to craft/crochet!! SO it was super nice to get a surprise of a lovely square in the mail, and also get me motivated to doing some squares again. Carole......thankyou so much!
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