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  1. hi there girls....

    gosh I havent posted on here for ages..........Ive been busy....husband and I have separated,and I now have a full time job..( quite a change in my life -huh?lol) but I love my job, the only downside is -I dont have the play time to enjoy my crocheting/sewing etc lol as much as I did before.

    I was so thrilled this week to get a lovely package from pineknott-5 ( isnt that amazing) beautiful pink/lime squares for my friendship ghan- I think I will have to pull out my squares and see what I can put together-its been a while since Ipulled them out!!

    I am off today and tomorrow and hope to have a little time for getting back into my wonderful crocheting...(I think Id like to make a long black vest/or grey mettalic colored vest.....saw one in macys and I know I can make one just as nice- or even nicer!!-just have to find the perfect pattern)

    I may even try to squeeze in a trip to joannes for yarn If I find that perfect pattern lol


    will check back and read more of the threads and see who I can send some squares out too...its been so long since I chatted-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh its so nice to have time to hang out with my fab crochet friends!

    crochet hugs


  2. I had a lovely dragon ( for my welsh heritage!) from chrissyf....I want to take a picture of it onmy coffee table - ( will do that this evening) but wanted to let everyone know my package arrived and I LOVE it !- chrissy designed it all herself! - wow I am so impressed!

    also some fun stationary/notepad - thanks so much chrissy!

    pics later!-promise

  3. woo I got to meet my swappie partner Smoth!- what fun!

    we exchanged pachages and then hit startbucks to chat and hang out.

    Inside a lovely butterfly box was...;

    6 skeins of red heart shimmer- and the red heart drapey vest pattern ( yarn looks like so much fun - has a gold shimmery thread thru it !)

    2 skeins of snuggly wuggly baby yarn, some lime green/hot pink frienship squares ( my fav color combo!) a yard of fabic in those colors too!! a tote sewing pattern and some doggie treats!!

    awesome package and fabulous to meet you Smith!

    lets stay in touch !

    have a fab day!

  4. Chrissyf- hey- hope the vacation is going great! - lucky you - I havent had a minute spare- so no crochet time for me.

    I will have your package ready for mailing on saurday( thats my only day off this week- so I will get to the post office in the morning -they are open til noon!)

    I am waiting for one little thing i the mail....Im sure it will arrive- if not I will mail it separately when it does get here !

    Have a wonderful week, talk to you soon


  5. Hi there Smith!- I have almost all in your package ...and will be ready to mail it on saturday ( my day off for the week) I know thats the mailing deadline- and dont worry - It will be ready!...We need to figure out if we can meet up and do the exchange - or if mailing works - ( how fun will that be if we can actually meet up!!)...so I will email ya and see what we can work out !

    crochet hugs


  6. OMG- what a total shock! what an amazing surprise!- I have to admit I have had a lot going on right ow and havent even checked in on this post this month- (I am usually admiring the color scheme and trying to guess where its going...lol)

    this was a TOTAL TOTAL surprise- and I cant tell you all how just very very special it is, at a time when,well, things are a bit....unsettling to say the least!

    Its so bright happy and cheerful- Lemons and limes ( ok so it reminds me a huge gin and tonic !!lol) I LOVE LOVE LOVE itand the rose closure-is really a wonderful feature!...

    and I have to tell you the stitch markers are soooooo beautiful- and unique- a fish an apple and a super special Flamingo!

    words cant express just how special/loved I am feeling right now!

    Mary Jo- you do beautiful and amazing work!

    Woooooooo hoooooooooooooooo Im a bag lady!





  7. ohh I love these wishlists-so much fun......hope to make some new ville friends with this-and of course, catch up with some old friends too!


    1-Id just love to make this for myself http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/occasion-crocheted-dressGifted by a wonderful FGM in NY!-thankyou so much!!

    2-http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amandas-dressWOW also gifted by my wonderful friend and FGM in NY

    3-http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ruffly-diaper-cover-and-hatgifted by the incredibly generous, and wonderful friend/ FGM in NY

    4-fabric fat 1/4

    5-spool of bright cotton



    8-gel pens

    9-Michaels $1 rubber stamps

    10-Surprise me!


    thanks for reading my wishlist-have fun!!

  8. Its taken me a while to get the pic and post here- so huge apologies.

    I was sent the nicest gift package from the amazing FGM in KY.

    LOOK at the super special wine glass!-my name and chain 1,sip one !!how cute is that?

    2 awesome squares in my favorite colors,a box of buttons-how cute!and a friendship book-

    you have no idea,just how special that was to get.

    hugs to you.


  9. A huge thank you to my BFF in NY- she sent me a fabulous bday package-

    It arrived a few days ago-but I have been really good and waited until today to open it- I am absolutely THRILLED with everything she sent me-

    she has totally spolit me!

    There a zippered xmas ornament pattern-so cool-Ive not seen this before!!its sooo cool, and some zippers too ( and dont ya just LOVE the flower on the package-Hope I can manage to make that one !!lol)

    a cool cupcake washcloth....

    a beautiful pillowcase-honestly I can't tell you how special this is-and perfectly made-looks like a real 'designer' job! (Im in awe!!!)

    and just LOOK- a stunning Brighton bracelet!!!Ive gotta wear it today!!

    boy am I enjoying my bday!!!

    Hurry up and come to az for a visit- we need to celebrate with a few cocktails!!





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