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  1. hi there girls.... gosh I havent posted on here for ages..........Ive been busy....husband and I have separated,and I now have a full time job..( quite a change in my life -huh?lol) but I love my job, the only downside is -I dont have the play time to enjoy my crocheting/sewing etc lol as much as I did before. I was so thrilled this week to get a lovely package from pineknott-5 ( isnt that amazing) beautiful pink/lime squares for my friendship ghan- I think I will have to pull out my squares and see what I can put together-its been a while since Ipulled them out!! I am off today and tomorrow and hope to have a little time for getting back into my wonderful crocheting...(I think Id like to make a long black vest/or grey mettalic colored vest.....saw one in macys and I know I can make one just as nice- or even nicer!!-just have to find the perfect pattern) I may even try to squeeze in a trip to joannes for yarn If I find that perfect pattern lol will check back and read more of the threads and see who I can send some squares out too...its been so long since I chatted-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh its so nice to have time to hang out with my fab crochet friends! crochet hugs fiona
  2. I had a lovely suprise from my new friend in Nebraska! A lovely big bag of buttons....some were her mums,grandmothers,and even great grandmothers! AWESOME...I will treasure them!and find just the perfect project to use them on! thankyou so much for thinking of me. crochet hugs fiona
  3. I had a lovely dragon ( for my welsh heritage!) from chrissyf....I want to take a picture of it onmy coffee table - ( will do that this evening) but wanted to let everyone know my package arrived and I LOVE it !- chrissy designed it all herself! - wow I am so impressed! also some fun stationary/notepad - thanks so much chrissy! pics later!-promise
  4. thanks to my new crochetville friend....some fat quarters in fun colors! - yay I love to sew almost as much as I love to crochet!! thankyou so much- and your lovely hand written note was so nice- I will write back soon!
  5. woo I got to meet my swappie partner Smoth!- what fun! we exchanged pachages and then hit startbucks to chat and hang out. Inside a lovely butterfly box was...; 6 skeins of red heart shimmer- and the red heart drapey vest pattern ( yarn looks like so much fun - has a gold shimmery thread thru it !) 2 skeins of snuggly wuggly baby yarn, some lime green/hot pink frienship squares ( my fav color combo!) a yard of fabic in those colors too!! a tote sewing pattern and some doggie treats!! awesome package and fabulous to meet you Smith! lets stay in touch ! have a fab day!
  6. chrissy- sp glad you like everything... enjoy the thread - lol I know you will! cant wait to see what you create!
  7. Chrissyf- hey- hope the vacation is going great! - lucky you - I havent had a minute spare- so no crochet time for me. I will have your package ready for mailing on saurday( thats my only day off this week- so I will get to the post office in the morning -they are open til noon!) I am waiting for one little thing i the mail....Im sure it will arrive- if not I will mail it separately when it does get here ! Have a wonderful week, talk to you soon fiona
  8. Hi there Smith!- I have almost all in your package ...and will be ready to mail it on saturday ( my day off for the week) I know thats the mailing deadline- and dont worry - It will be ready!...We need to figure out if we can meet up and do the exchange - or if mailing works - ( how fun will that be if we can actually meet up!!)...so I will email ya and see what we can work out ! crochet hugs fiona
  9. Im feeling so blessed and loved by my special ville FGM. My mailbox just popped with the ruffly diaper coevr pattern that I had been eyeing, AND the long skirt/dress... My oh My I will have to go to get some yarns to have for these lovely projects-thankyou so very much FGM in NY for your wonderful friendship... huge crochet hugs
  10. I woke up this morning and opened my email and a FGM from ny has gifted me the stunning little black dress pattern ....I cant wait to make it...and wear it !! thank you so much !!
  11. east valley!!!!!!!!!!!! and we're totally ok!!! aunt bubbels is visiting in the fall.....maybe you can join us too!!
  12. Hey Smith- You know we are soooo close- maybe we could arrange to do the swap in person!!- how cool is that!!
  13. OMG- what a total shock! what an amazing surprise!- I have to admit I have had a lot going on right ow and havent even checked in on this post this month- (I am usually admiring the color scheme and trying to guess where its going...lol) this was a TOTAL TOTAL surprise- and I cant tell you all how just very very special it is, at a time when,well, things are a bit....unsettling to say the least! Its so bright happy and cheerful- Lemons and limes ( ok so it reminds me a huge gin and tonic !!lol) I LOVE LOVE LOVE itand the rose closure-is really a wonderful feature!... and I have to tell you the stitch markers are soooooo beautiful- and unique- a fish an apple and a super special Flamingo! words cant express just how special/loved I am feeling right now! Mary Jo- you do beautiful and amazing work! Woooooooo hoooooooooooooooo Im a bag lady! hugs
  14. Hi Smith- just emailed you!- this is going to be a fun swap- Im looking forward to getting to know you) fiona
  15. ohh I love these wishlists-so much fun......hope to make some new ville friends with this-and of course, catch up with some old friends too! 1-Id just love to make this for myself http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/occasion-crocheted-dressGifted by a wonderful FGM in NY!-thankyou so much!! 2-http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amandas-dressWOW also gifted by my wonderful friend and FGM in NY 3-http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ruffly-diaper-cover-and-hatgifted by the incredibly generous, and wonderful friend/ FGM in NY 4-fabric fat 1/4 5-spool of bright cotton 6-buttons 7-notecards 8-gel pens 9-Michaels $1 rubber stamps 10-Surprise me! thanks for reading my wishlist-have fun!!
  16. woo hoo hey there Chrissyf!!! -just sent an email.....!!! have a fab filet day!!!
  17. Ohh I sent mine this morning- just resent in case it got lost in cyber space.. Im super excited for this swap!
  18. Couldnt resist!-so Ive signed up!-survey sent!
  19. I was going to ask the same as Kidge- I guess I was kinda thinking it was a swap for filet Stuff; threads fine hooks patterns etc,and not necessarily a finished article. will watch and see for now, but I think its a great swap idea.
  20. I love this swap! Its one of my favorites-so I just think Im gonna have to sign up!!
  21. Its taken me a while to get the pic and post here- so huge apologies. I was sent the nicest gift package from the amazing FGM in KY. LOOK at the super special wine glass!-my name and chain 1,sip one !!how cute is that? 2 awesome squares in my favorite colors,a box of buttons-how cute!and a friendship book- you have no idea,just how special that was to get. hugs to you.
  22. thats soooooooooooo cute-Im going to have to look for that color yarn! and add this to the 'to do ' list just soo cute!!
  23. hi moo moo -Im so glad she is home-safe and sound and happy wagging her tail! I made some doggie cookies today!( not the liver ones -a recipie i found on line) they love them!-what a cool idea!! thanks
  24. A huge thank you to my BFF in NY- she sent me a fabulous bday package- It arrived a few days ago-but I have been really good and waited until today to open it- I am absolutely THRILLED with everything she sent me- she has totally spolit me! There a zippered xmas ornament pattern-so cool-Ive not seen this before!!its sooo cool, and some zippers too ( and dont ya just LOVE the flower on the package-Hope I can manage to make that one !!lol) a cool cupcake washcloth.... a beautiful pillowcase-honestly I can't tell you how special this is-and perfectly made-looks like a real 'designer' job! (Im in awe!!!) and just LOOK- a stunning Brighton bracelet!!!Ive gotta wear it today!! boy am I enjoying my bday!!! Hurry up and come to az for a visit- we need to celebrate with a few cocktails!!
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