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  1. hi there girls.... gosh I havent posted on here for ages..........Ive been busy....husband and I have separated,and I now have a full time job..( quite a change in my life -huh?lol) but I love my job, the only downside is -I dont have the play time to enjoy my crocheting/sewing etc lol as much as I did before. I was so thrilled this week to get a lovely package from pineknott-5 ( isnt that amazing) beautiful pink/lime squares for my friendship ghan- I think I will have to pull out my squares and see what I can put together-its been a while since Ipulled them out!! I am off today and tomorrow and hope to have a little time for getting back into my wonderful crocheting...(I think Id like to make a long black vest/or grey mettalic colored vest.....saw one in macys and I know I can make one just as nice- or even nicer!!-just have to find the perfect pattern) I may even try to squeeze in a trip to joannes for yarn If I find that perfect pattern lol will check back and read more of the threads and see who I can send some squares out too...its been so long since I chatted-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh its so nice to have time to hang out with my fab crochet friends! crochet hugs fiona
  2. thats soooooooooooo cute-Im going to have to look for that color yarn! and add this to the 'to do ' list just soo cute!!
  3. hi moo moo -Im so glad she is home-safe and sound and happy wagging her tail! I made some doggie cookies today!( not the liver ones -a recipie i found on line) they love them!-what a cool idea!! thanks
  4. I got a square on saturday!!! woo hoo...its from katyallen!-its sooooo pretty-my fav colors :-) lime green /hot pink. I had a busy weekend so Im only getting a chance to post thankyou now! I love it- ohh this afghan is going to be sooo nice! look how pretty; hope everyone had a good holiday weekend hugs
  5. I just finished this cute little ducky baby set- the duck hat pattern was a summer wish gifted to me by a fab FGM in KY!
  6. I really like this pattern-your blanket looks so nice -I think Im going to have to try it ! thanks so much for sharing it! crochet hugs
  7. Love the daisy square!! thanks for sharing
  8. Nice job, once again Tiff!
  9. thats so pretty! awesome job!-your nieces will want a whole wardobe full!!!
  10. I must be the odd one out here- I have made several crochet skirts-, not clingy, fitted at the top and flare out beautifully....longer length. The are lovely! Have you looked around the stores lately - theres a HUGE amount of crochet skirts, tops and dresses this season....even crochet shorts! and crochet trimmed shorts.. I agree most of the 'better' patterns are going to be ones that you buy, but, I have to add -I do think they are totally worth it!
  11. ooohhh love the color, whats the yarn? nd pattern....beautiful job!
  12. lol im thinking maybe sam ( sambuca) or callie (kalliemocho)...my son is on vacation and back this week...so I kind of want him to be in on things too...so we are just kind of doing ...hey little girl ..... right now lol she hasnt been with us a week yet-and already I see such a huge change in her..she is such a delight! yes im thinking of green/pink sqaures next - they are such happy colors. Sue-/turtlvr- hope all is well, take what ever time u need- but you gotta come back REAL soon - we cant make squares without your suprervision!!lol in the meantime- I hope someone can help us control us! crochet hugs
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