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  1. I don't think I understand yarn weight correctly... I generally go for a Medium (4) weight, as this is what most patterns I have call for. For reference, I consider Red Heart Super Saver and I Love This Yarn! to be the standard when it comes to this weight. I may be completely wrong, but that's why I'm asking everyone... Anyways, it seems that the Medium (4) weight thickness varies between brands and yarn lines. This became a problem when I started making an afghan with Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable. While the skein says (4), it feels a lot thinner than my other yarns, and consequently my squares were smaller. A pattern that called for 128 squares is now going to take me roughly 195, and that's after I add on another row to my squares... If anyone is curious, I've cranked out 40-something squares so far, and feel like it'd be a waste to stop, buy new yarn, and start all over. I feel a bit crazy. I thought I understood weight, but apparently there is a lot more to it than I orginally thought. Can someone please explain this to me? It's not just Read Heart that I've noticed this with, it just happens to be the example I used.
  2. Hey all, I'm looking for a baggy sweater or cardigan pattern.Basically, something that buttons up or I can add buttons to... I have found a couple that I like through Ravelry and other websites, but the reviews always have comments on how there are typos or how the pattern is not easy to follow... This will be my first clothing piece, and while I am comfortable with learning new techniques, I do need the pattern to be readable with minimal to no mistakes. If anyone can help me out, that'd be great. Thanks!
  3. Thanks again for all your responses! I check back here every now an then, and am always excited to see new ideas!
  4. Just checking back in. Thanks to everyone who responded! You all gave me some really good ideas and links to some beautiful pieces. If anyone has any more ideas, feel free to share! Otherwise, I'll probably get started on something real soon. (:
  5. My best friend is getting married in June, and I am hoping to make her wedding present. Problem is, I have NO IDEA what to make. Upon asking, I was told: dish towels?, Adventure Time, and "anything cool". We are about to graduate from college, and yes, we still watch cartoons. (: I have seen topics on the site about wedding afghans, and am thinking about possibly tackling one. Issue is, most of the links I find on these older topics are out-dated. Does anyone have any current links to favorite wedding afghans? I am open to other gifts as well... The bride loves octopus and anything glitter. The groom likes anime and video games. And of course, they both love Adventure Time. That said, I am trying to make a classy/elegant gift. Hence my main request for some favorite afghans. (: Thank you!
  6. Thanks! I didn't really take that into much consideration. (:
  7. Are these the two yarns? Neon Green Spring Green If so, it looks like Spring Green has a bit more yellow in the dye than Neon Green. Not sure which Lime Green you could have, but some of them look similar to Spring Green.
  8. Thank you! I feel better about the hats I have already made. Guess babies are smaller than I thought... lol
  9. Hello, I am currently working on a project where I am crocheting 100 hats for 100 (foster) kids. I have completed several hats intended for babies, but I am unsure as to whether or not they are too small... I am not surrounded by babies or children on a regular basis, so I'm having trouble gauging hat sizes. I have been using Crochet Greek's 'Head Sizes for Crochet Hats' chart for determining my hat sizes, but again I am concerned as to whether or not my hats are too small... If anyone has used this chart, or has crocheted hats for babies and children, please let me know if the chart is accurate. If it is not, could you please give me an estimate on the diameter and length my hats should be for babies and children? FYI: Most of the hats I am making are beanies. Not sure if that will make a difference or not, but I thought I'd offer that as some extra information. My hat goal: 10 baby 50 child 40 adult
  10. More specifically the Waco and/or Austin metro area. I attend university, so my time is spent in between these two cities throughout the year. (Austin during the summer) I have been looking for people to crochet with, but have not had any luck. All my friends who are interested in learning to crochet always back down when I bring up the subject, even though I have offered to teach them... *sigh* For those around Austin, I am specifically in the North metro area (Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, Georgetown, etc.). Hopefully there are some people in my area, if not I am going to start leaving flyers all over campus. Haha.
  11. I love ugly dolls! I actually have a couple of my own... Very mature, indeed. Haha. I love your take on the concept. It makes me inspired to make a few ugly dolls of my own. It certainly could be a lot cheaper than buying another one! Hope the boys loved it~!
  12. Well, new to yet another forum, so I thought I'd introduce myself. My grandma taught me how to crochet way back in elementary school, but it's only in the past four years that I've been crocheting religiously as a hobby. I decided to join this forum, where I know people can appreciate crochet. I look forward to learning more, and being surrounded by amazing artists. (:
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