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  1. Good morning! I'm so happy to hear that our Florida residents are ok! Hurricanes are so scary, and when I hear evacuation, I really feel for those folks! It finally speed raining here two days ago, thank goodness! It's becoming crisp and cool outside, which is what we call "hoodie weather" I adore my hoodie sweatshirts! The leaves aren't really turning so quickly this year, I love fall foliage so I guess maybe it'll start next week and I can take the kids driving to see the gorgeous colors. I've been so busy studying and reading, I've realized I need stronger reading glasses.
  2. It really did creep up on me when I wasn't looking! Aches and pains, stiffness, and not sleeping well. Oh, and let's not even talk about hot flashes! I routinely combust a few times an hour! Tonight I'm on call, so I won't sleep well again from "pager anxiety" it's lucky I only have 2 nights this week! Well, I'm off to fix dinner for the kids, then an executive board meeting which is boring as all get out (maybe I can sleep in there!) After that I really need to do laundry, why is it so difficult to get the clothes from the washer to the dryer? Ugh! Have a great evening!
  3. Good morning! Sounds like you all have really busy lives! Busy is good! It's almost 430 in the morning and I can't sleep any more. It's infuriating, I wonder, as I approach 50, if this is going to get worse as I get older. Eventually maybe I won't sleep at all and I'll just wander around all night. I went back to school, starting two weeks ago for my EMT-CC, it's a paramedic but without the electives to make it a degree. For two weeks we've been learning about legal stuff and wellness. So, I've learned that I should always do my best, and eat vegetables. Oh, and never talk about p
  4. Good morning! I'm battening down the hatches in prep for the tropical storm were supposed to get. You never realize how many things that you keep outside can become airborne with high winds! My kids start school in 2 days, but if we lose power, as we so often do, they won't be starting anything until the power comes back. They're hoping for another week off! I've almost finished a baby afghan a friend of mine commissioned for her new grandson. It came out pretty nice, I'm just unsure how much to ask from her. It was alot of work. Is $100 too much? Snowbear, I do things
  5. Good morning! The weather has been so humid and oppressive, that my house is damp even with the air going, so I haven't done much hook work-my yarn and hands feel sticky! The humidity has taken a tool on many seniors around here, so work has been busy and we've been running ragged with the ambulance. Today is cleaning day, and I'm starting to get the kids ready for the start of school in a week and a half. Have a wonderful day!
  6. They're amazing! I love "proud mama" projects!
  7. Omgosh! They're gorgeous! You have such a big heart to do such wonderful work for others. I am a hoarder of yarn as well, I wish I had the time to make such things from my stash!
  8. Pretty! So delicate looking.
  9. Rosies4


    I love sunflowers. That will make her smile!
  10. I was probably 4 or 5, and my mom and her friend were crocheting in from of our summer bungalow. I asked how, they showed me, and I began making loads of dresses for my barbies. I skipped a decade or two in my teens and 20's because I was WAY too cool to crochet, don't ya know? I've been back at it for years, and I just love making gifts and stuff for around the house. I'm 46, so 40 years ago I learned.
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