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  1. I've been busy over the winter ,will have more pics to come,what I've been doing over the winter
  2. HI I've been bussy this past winter.If you check my last post(new hear) it has pics of the crocheting Ihave been doing over the winter Imanage to post them them then but I tried to ppost them again and it didn't work but they are on the site I just said. I have some more but I can't seam to download them but I'll try it later.take a look there anyway.they are all my designs no pattern just what ever came out of my head,big and small
  3. hi I have more pics of what I have been doing over the winter and spring will post more soon as I can get my computer to except them its been giving me trouble now and then
  4. i have posted some pics of what I've been doing this past winter
  5. here are some things I have been making through the winter some of the dolls I bought at the sally ann others I've been colicting for years.I have alot more going to have a yard sale this summer those I don't sell I will take back to the sally ann .when I got them they were a mess the hair was all notted and naked so I cleaned them up and made clothes for them I have a lot more I've been colecting them for years but they do take up a lot of space. may be next year I'll do the same
  6. I guess it is expected at this age I"ll be 73 this august but I'm looking after my self
  7. hi all I'm back have'nt been well had a few minor strokes havent croched for a year or more but started this winteragain Strokes gave me quite a scare but got them under control as long as I take my meds,missed a day and when I went to crochet I couldent figure out how to start or under stand the pattern, that was areal bummer Don't have my etsy site any more ,couldn't type the patterns properly and my computer crashed so could'nt send the patterns so had to mail them. still have a problem typing this,you may find a few mistakes. but i'm designing a fewpatterns I'll p0st them when i photo them.y thats all for now
  8. Hi sorry I haven't been on for awhile ,health hasn't been well. I've been looking for a 12" square that has 9 flowers on it in 3 different sizes. I had it once but have lost over the move can anyone help me
  9. thankyou for the links they were very helpfull. and usefull.I did a search on here and I found the one I was looking for but it wouldn't let me print it so I wrote it out
  10. hi everyone haven't been on for a while, we moved a year ago and wound up in hospital ,have high blood preasure and had a few minor strokes but have sort of got that looked after ,haven't done much crochet work lately. now I once got a crochet pattern from here of fashion doll furniture, it had no name as to who desgined it and sence moving I haven't been able to find it would anyone happen to know where I could find it I'd like to make them for my granddaughter for christmas.thankyou for your trouble
  11. HI every body havent been on for a while ,we retired from farming and moved near the lake ,not any to soon either moved here last June,first night here landed in the hospital for a week body went toxic on med for migrains and now bloodpressure is acting up been having a few minor strokes but new Doc. is trying to get it in check. Now for the reason I'm on here I'm looking for a pattern that was posted on here.I printed but now sence we moved I can't find anything.It was a crocheted cape pattern with sleeves that a lady had converted from a knitted pattern but i don't remember who it was it was crocheted in a multi coloured yarn that she posted here .I haven't crocheted for a year and I bought this realy pretty varigated yarn that would be just great for it.but now I can't find the pattern and forget the lady that posted it so if anyone can help me I would be very thankfull.Oh yea going to be 70 this month so forgetfull comes with it I guess
  12. I have a problem with the sizing with crochet thread I'm not sure about the sizing used for the thread I'm using 30 and 10 I know the # 10 but for # 30 I have trouble finding it,I see a lot of 80's & #12 but neither one make sence to me,I'm good with the #10 but the other I need finner than #10
  13. Grannysquare Yes I think that's what I'll do ,I was hopeing I'd find a better or simpler way,thanks for verifying what I should do Mattenlou the reason I want to use this pattern is the look of the horse with some alterations it will be suitable to go with my Dowling Dolls
  14. I think I asked this before,I got a horse pattern for sewing and I really liked it ,but I'm not sure just how about crocheting it,any help would really be great
  15. I need some help, I'm looking for a yarn preferably white with a pink fleck or random splotches in it also black with a pink fleck also black with a pink fleck or random splotches.Hope you can direct me in the right direction
  16. Hi I have two more Dowling Darlings made ,I could not seem to post them here,but there all on my Etsy now they're all on my photobucket,just klick on my sig. I'm having a bit of a problem ,can't seem to get them to recognise me on flickr and there giving me grif?
  17. Hi meet Jacqulyne & Giselle ,they will be on my Etsy soon I also have 2 more almost ready,thanks for looking
  18. where did Darski go I was looking for some of her doll patterns and I couldn't find a one:think
  19. hi does any body know were shiwri site went I went to check it out and I got a 404 thing so it's not there:think
  20. I'm looking for a pattern for a ponytail hat for my grandaughter,not one that has an opening ,one that litterly has a ponytail of some sort:hook
  21. :claphi that is just the thing for my son and son in law for christmas:hook
  22. Hi:hook welcome to the ville from Ontario Canada:clap
  23. I have been looking for a few years now for an aphgan square,I had the pattern for years but through the many moves it's gone:think.It had 9 flowers ,the middle was a big flower was red,the corners a little smaller,pink I think,and the flowers in between the smaller ones was smaller and yellow,I think it's been awhile,they were joined together with green and finished of with white,I don't have a picture,thats long gone. Oh yea the pattern was in the family circle back in the 70's I think:shrug
  24. Hi on the free patterns page go to Diane Gladys free patterns you'll find them there.
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