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    Diane G Smith Scheuermann
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    grandma to 5,4boys,1girl oldest 19 the girl is 4 + 1 step son and 2 boys and 1 girl 1 year old and a few cats in the barn &house
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    Ipperwash Road Ontario canada
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    crocheting,candle&holders,cats,and dolls of any kind,and of course shoes and PINK
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    farmer&housewife,dress designer,interior decorator
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    dolls,toys,capes &ponchos
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    35 yrs

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  1. I've been busy over the winter ,will have more pics to come,what I've been doing over the winter
  2. HI I've been bussy this past winter.If you check my last post(new hear) it has pics of the crocheting Ihave been doing over the winter Imanage to post them them then but I tried to ppost them again and it didn't work but they are on the site I just said. I have some more but I can't seam to download them but I'll try it later.take a look there anyway.they are all my designs no pattern just what ever came out of my head,big and small
  3. hi I have more pics of what I have been doing over the winter and spring will post more soon as I can get my computer to except them its been giving me trouble now and then
  4. i have posted some pics of what I've been doing this past winter
  5. here are some things I have been making through the winter some of the dolls I bought at the sally ann others I've been colicting for years.I have alot more going to have a yard sale this summer those I don't sell I will take back to the sally ann .when I got them they were a mess the hair was all notted and naked so I cleaned them up and made clothes for them I have a lot more I've been colecting them for years but they do take up a lot of space. may be next year I'll do the same
  6. I guess it is expected at this age I"ll be 73 this august but I'm looking after my self
  7. hi all I'm back have'nt been well had a few minor strokes havent croched for a year or more but started this winteragain Strokes gave me quite a scare but got them under control as long as I take my meds,missed a day and when I went to crochet I couldent figure out how to start or under stand the pattern, that was areal bummer Don't have my etsy site any more ,couldn't type the patterns properly and my computer crashed so could'nt send the patterns so had to mail them. still have a problem typing this,you may find a few mistakes. but i'm designing a fewpatterns I'll p0st them when i photo them
  8. Hi sorry I haven't been on for awhile ,health hasn't been well. I've been looking for a 12" square that has 9 flowers on it in 3 different sizes. I had it once but have lost over the move can anyone help me
  9. Hi these are made with worsted weight yarn ,to make them smaller you can use crochet cotton and a hook to match and they should come out the size you want,I haven't made them in crochet thread so when you get them done could you please post a pic ,I would love to see it
  10. thanks for pointing it out for me ,I fixed it ,if any of you find any more errors or questions don't hesitate to ask or let me know
  11. I,m going to put one on a cushion top, and them and some others I'm going to make a bedspread top. You could also make them smaller using thread and the appropiate hook to put on pillow cases or a table cloth.I'm Making a large table cloth ,one big enough for my table with all the leaves in for Christmas I'm going to use the regular large size but making the smaller ones will work also
  12. Here is a Christmas Angel for you "Gardenia" White & Gold Yarn Crinoline Lady Angel An Original design by Diane Gladys Worsted weight yarn & poly crystle thread doubled or # 10 crochet cotton doubled 4.00 mm hook Height 18" top of wing to skirt bottom width 17 1/2" widest part of skirt Skirt: Beginning cluster shell:(bg cl sh )- ch 2, dc.ch 2,work 2 dc tog,all in same ch2 sp Cluster Shell: (cl sh) -2 dc worker tog,ch 2,2 dc worked tog, all in same ch 2 space. Row 1: ch 6,join in ring,ch 3 ,8 dc in ring,turn Row 2&3: ch 3, dc insame,* 1 dc,2 dc in nx* repea
  13. where did you get the yarn for the aphgan I love:manyheart that colour,and who:think makes it
  14. ::cheer:cheerthose are great ,now I know why I saved all thoes containers:hook
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