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  1. Thank you so much for the suggestions! I just posted on Ravelry as I was already signed up there from when I THOUGHT I could learn how to do some of this---- before I realized that yarn and I don't seem to understand one another . I looked briefly at the other links but ran out of time... The needles themselves are not solid - they are hollow. However, the hollow tubes (I doubt this is the correct terminology, but it is the best I could come up with) seem to be solid silver and not silver plated. Again, thank you, Dana
  2. Hi --- In some old boxes I ran across a set of antique Susan Bates sterling silver size 5 kitting needles with gold plated heads. They are in their original box with a card that describes them. Unfortunately, I am not a knitter ---- I have tried that and crochet and just don't seem to have what it takes... No one in my family is either. Is there any way to find out the value of these, if any? I have googled but can't find anything... Thank you, Dana
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