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    Just a guy who started picking up crochet a few months ago.
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    scarves, household objects, hats
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    a couple months
  1. Right now i'm working on a nice little crochet hook case I found, nearly done with it! i started it this past friday and so far i've finished the inside lining and pockets, almost finished with the outside cover, and then i have the finishing trim to do. It only holds 10 hooks, but it's a good starting point and better than having them at the bottom of my crochet bag!
  2. Oh nice, the colors are pretty similar to the acrylic Shaded Dusk Red Heart Super Saver, which I've found the colors come together really well in projects.
  3. Nice to see an active topic for my home state, i live just outside of Charlotte in Gastonia. I only really know one person who does crochet, and that was when i was away at uni. They still live up in that area though (Western Carolina) so i don't get to see them at all now.
  4. Hello!, Started crocheting a few months ago because I really liked the thought of being able to create something really useful from scratch, and I've been teaching myself through youtube videos and books (mainly Leisure Arts books). I've really enjoyed it so far, though I haven't had large amounts of time to do a lot of think due to school. I also recently picked up knooking as well because i liked the look of knitted work. Currently knooking a scarf for my significant other, and my next crochet project will most likely be storage for my crochet tools. A little about me, I'm 21, and will be 22 in a couple months, going to school for computer networking, and was previously a programming major and a music major (Flutist). I've been with my significant other for a wonderful 3 months. other hobbies I have are gaming, reading, and linguistics. One thing i still have trouble with is reading crochet patterns, especially complex ones, so i hope i can build that skill up quickly. Looking forward to chatting with everyone!
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