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  1. I'm just now getting around to thinking about making gifts. But I'm going to be reasonable about it! Every time I make a long list, it never gets done so this time I'll just attack one at a time. I'm thinking of making this shawl for a sweet neighbor lady. I've made it before and, as I recall, it went pretty quickly. http://web.archive.org/web/20110620135314/http://knottie.net/index.php?p=bluejeanshawl
  2. Very cute and just what I was looking for! Do you have a pattern? I'm having difficulty determining how the rosette is used as a closure
  3. I finished the Triangle Cowl and am blocking - will post pic when dry. Next up - Tiamat Shawl
  4. Thank you Judy! I'm about 80% done with the Triangle Cowl. Hope to finish tonight so I can block tomorrow ;-)
  5. OK - so it's May. Quite late to get started on the long list of Christmas gifts I've assembled o_O, but I'm jumping in! My list for 2013: Mom: Dolphin Doily Because she LOVES dolphins Gretchen: 5-Star Pillow Not completely set on this one - may change DeAnn: Lorelei Shawl Suits her personality Heidi: Tiamat Shawlette DONE 5/25! She's a hard one - I think she'll like this as she's a throwback hippie sort ;-) Christel: Triangle Cowl DONE 5/24! New college student, lots of walking between classes. I think this will come in handy in cold weather for her. Dad & Julian: Fisherman Aran Vest Best I could come up with. Men are so hard! Julian loves to deep-sea fish, so I figured he could wear it out on the ocean. Dad is always cold due to dialysis, so I thought this would help keep him warm after treatments. Erika: Raccoon Scarf She lives in the toolies and had to trap and relocate a raccoon. There's a really funny story here. Cristina: Fox Scarf Because she's on the prowl for a new man. I wish I could have found a coyote scarf Kim: Panda Scarf Religiously watches the Panda-cam at the San Diego Zoo website. Kathy: Lion Scarf This one is a stab and may change. Elisabeth: Acorn Owl Poncho I thought this was perfect for a drama queen with its vibrant 'in your face' colors Otto: Starship Uniform Sweetest 11-year old boy I've ever met. Has just discovered Star Trek! Jean: Haven't decided yet This one is going to take some thought since she also crochets and knits... Jennifer (hairdresser) & Kim (pedicurist): Aromatherapy Eye Pillow I thought these were sweet gifts to hand out to them for gifts. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone, so I fully expect this list to grow. Wish me luck! ~ Mini
  6. The tripod and Hook and Yarn sites are no longer active. I found Sally George's patterns here: http://botherthebirds.net/crochet/the-crochet-works-of-sally-v-george/
  7. The Hook and Yarn site is no longer up. I found Sally George's patterns here: http://botherthebirds.net/crochet/the-crochet-works-of-sally-v-george/
  8. I am a heavy user of Click 'n Ship as I can never get to the post office due to my work hours. And they have free boxes that you can order that they will deliver to your door! (Although the delivery is real slow, so you might want to build up a stash.) It's wonderful! You print your mailing label on plain paper that includes the postage and schedule the pick-up. You might want to check to see if the post office offers that service in your area. It is limited to Priority Mail postage rates, but you get free delivery confirmation. The free boxes alone make up for the additional cost. And considering the hassle it saves me... https://www.usps.com/welcome.htm
  9. Gorgeous square - thanks so much for sharing!!
  10. Way to go on finishing your lapghan How about making both a snowman and a cradle purse? A snowman would be good for a boy and the cradle purse would be great for a girl
  11. Holy Canoli Batman (er, Dee)! And here I was going to be all proud of what I got done this week LOL!! Excellent job on everything (Can I have the neck pillow please?) You'll find my (now very small) completed FO pics here. This gets me about halfway through the gift list. I have given up on keeping a list as I keep changing my mind on what I want to make for everyone. So from this point, I'm just posting what I've finished and how close I am to being done
  12. That bites! Hope you feel better soon! Perfect sense Way to go! I'm madly working on one of the afghans I need to kick out. If I keep up my current pace, I should be done this weekend too
  13. I'm cranking on 2 purses for gifts. These will be felted, but have 32 parts each (flowers, centers and leaves in addition to the purse and straps.) I have the two bags and straps done and am about halfway through the flower parts. I'm hoping to finish those up today so I can felt later this week. I have to felt in my mom's washer as my [new] washer does not provide enough agitation - dang new fangled appliances! lol
  14. Way to go! I have a week off, so I plan on knocking a whole lot off my list!
  15. Everyone else is kicking butt I see NOW I'm sidetracked The slippers were kinda boring me, so I allowed myself to stray from my list. I came across a wristlet pattern that looked unisex enough that it could be used as gifts for a variety of folks on the list. The pattern is in the November 2008 issue of Crochet! magazine. I used sock-weight yarn from Joann's that had a striping pattern: They are quicker to work up than the slippers, so I just may do a replacement on the list
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