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  1. Need Crochet Sock Pattern for 2 year toddler and 4 year old.....using Regia fingering weight 50 g sock yarn. Thanks so much for any replies.
  2. Thanks so much for your link. Yes, it seems that the stitch I am looking for is the Long Double Crochet or Teardrop....Just not sure how to count 2 rows below the working row. Thank you for also looking for video and I am going to do the same now that I know what the stitch is called. Kay
  3. Enjoyed reading your pattern for the Kindle and I am looking forward to making one for my daughter. Thank you for sharing and giving permission to make them with your pattern.
  4. Wondered if anyone has example of how to do this in video or with pictures that show 2nd row below row being worked on. I am starting an afghan and the pattern says every dc is worked this way. This pattern is one that you do not turn at the end of each row. thanks so much Kay
  5. Cratfylady1956 Thank you for your help.....how would i drop the unused color at the end of each row instead of cutting it off. can i drop a yarn and continue the pattern without turning at each row?
  6. Chrissyf Wow...haven't met too many people who have heard of this pattern. I just bought a Dark COuntry Blue, Country Blue, Grey Heather and WHite in Caron Simply Soft Yarn...Joann's and Michaels having good sale on it. The blues and greys make a beautiful afgan...those were the colors I originally used. An elderly friend of mine shared it with me a long time ago. I will try this weekend to do it without the fringe. I guess when I fasten off at each end....and even join I will need to weave in the ends of the yarn. Not sure how to join new yarn in first stitch of previous row?.....will attempt and may have to get your help if that is ok. Could you let me know if you even get this reply. ...I used the quick reply on the post you sent to me but not sure it that is the right way to answer yours. Thanks, kay
  7. Excited to make these. Thank you for sharing your pattern! I wear leg warmers a lot .....
  8. I need help understanding how to crochet in rows without turning at the end of each row as instructed in a pattern I wish to use. The pattern calls for leaving tails of 4" at each end but I do not want fringe on the afghan. Was hoping someone would be able to help me with this..... Thanks so much
  9. could not get the picture to show. i am trying to make the pet collar in the feb/mar 2007 issue of crochet today. is that the one you made. i am having a little difficulty with the "pivot" part of round 2. can you help
  10. where can i find Roli's Jingle Bell Collar for dogs...I keep hearing about it and want to make some pet collars to donate this year in memory of my dog who recently passed away
  11. your collar is so cute...(so is your westie)..can you share the pattern.....i am donating collars in memory of my golden retriever that recently died as giveaways in a local city event and having trouble finding patterns. thank you so much
  12. Have a pattern for pet collar but do not understand Pivot Work part of instructions: here goes ch 4, join with sl st in first ch to form ring round 1: ch 3 (counts as dc), 11 dc in ring; join with sl st in top of beginning ch-12dc round 2: ch 7 (counts as dc and ch 4 turning ch), sl st in rth ch from hook to form a ring, ch 2, pivot work so that wrong side is facing, sl st in first dc of previous round, turn work so that right side is facing, 5 dc in ring. repeat round 2 until collar measures 9 inches can anyone help me or do you have another pet collar pattern i want to donate these to my local pet store in memory of my golden retriever who recently passed away thanks so much
  13. Thank you for the suggestions. I am going to try making a couple of them! KB
  14. I am looking for a halter top crocheted pattern in children's sizes 2-6 or 8 years old. Posted previous Seeking Pattern for this halter top but forgot to specify for children. Thanks so much to everyone who responds. KB
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