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  1. I always have multiple projects going! Always have at least one portable project going that I can take with me when I take my mom to her multiple doctor appointments and usually have an afghan on hook and a shawl and, and, and!!!
  2. Chiming in here to agree with everybody else, large hook (K or larger) and loose tension. I've made more ripple throws than I can count with homespun (one for every high school graduate at our small church over the past several years) and also use it for prayer shawls. It works up beautifully and, for me, it is worth the effort. It is more difficult to work with at first, but gets easier as you work with it. One tip that really helped me is if you are working with dark colored yarn, put a white cloth behind it and it really does help you see the stitches better. Good luck! Lis
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