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    afghans, baby clothing.
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    since 2005
  1. I haven't payed attention to how fast i crochet in a while, last time i noticed was about a year ago and i would finish an afghan in 2 days. several hours, yes, but it took me about two days. Things like baby clothes can take me less than a day.
  2. I crochet left-handed but write right-handed.
  3. Used to live in Fayetteville till I graduated in 11'
  4. Used to live in Fayetteville till I finished high school in 11'
  5. Just seeing if anyone is local to me. Depending on the people, I'm hoping to start a little crochet get together for help of crochet questions or start-up charity group.
  6. I'll be glad to help as a tester. Well experienced since Afghans are my specialties. Crocheter for 9 years now.
  7. I taught myself starting with YouTube videos on how-to crochet simple Beanies. I was 12. Now 20.
  8. I'm new to this forum, but not new to crochet. I started to crochet at 12 and eight years later, the addiction keeps rolling. I join this forum because this will give me strengths in starting a business hopefully. And other useful tips for patterns or a struggle I might come across. I used to do other crafts like cross stitching and latch hook but the love of yarn grew and crochet became my forte. I don't knit because I believe it is very limited to making anything, unlike crochet with a whole different field of amigurumi or clusters. But hello to everyone on crochetville.
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