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  1. Smith, Just curious if your goodies got to you or not? Please let me know. Thanks Kristy
  2. I recieved a beautiful square from brenda c. I am so sorry i haven't posted a thank you or pic yet. We have moved & school started all in same week & my life is reallybusy & crazy. I think i will not be doing swaps during school year anymore. Kristy
  3. I recieved a great box of goodies from stacy. Yarn & coffee my 2 fave things! Thx so much! I will try to post pic later. Kristy
  4. Hello everyone! I know I have been quiet. School has started for me (no kids til the 19th) and trying to move has kept me busy. But just to keep up w/the posts...i like my hazlenut coffee w/lots of creamer which i have already had a biggie cup of already! Should be good & ready to get my music room together today! Have a great day
  5. I have recieved the details. Excited and ready to go!
  6. Mom4x i am glad you got your purse. Enjoyed making it!
  7. Well i guess i will have to give the pic another go. ;(
  8. Here is a picture of my lovely pink purse from mom4x. Thank you so much! My girls want to take it from me btw. i love the pattern.
  9. I recieved my purse from mom. Its beautiful. Will try to get pic up later! Thanks again!
  10. I still haven't been able to mail yet. Car probs. lets just say its been long week. thank you for being patient mom4x. .
  11. Happy 4th of july everyone! Hope everyone has fun & safe day! Now to get back to working on mom4x tote...I think I will have to make 1 for myself for back to school when I finish.
  12. Brenda, i got my square. It's beautiful. Love it bc its pink. Thanks. I am behind bc of the funeral but your square is done just have to mail it in the morning. Kristy
  13. Well, i finished my square for angel fairy. Now i just have to get to post office! hope all are doing well today!
  14. Who hoo! I got my yarn today. So hopefully will start on it tonite. Hope all are having a grand day! Kristy
  15. I found a pattern. ;,) since we have been busy with the kiddos i will hopefully get started tonight. Excited to do this swap. Just need more time for crafts!
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