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  1. It was a brutally cold 8 degrees when i left for work this morning and is currently 27 and a low of 15 over night.
  2. I have some paddy green and pretty in pink. I will promise 3 of each and see where we go from there. I am quitting smoking. So i need things to do that arent done whenever i want. lol dead lines so i have to crochet Thanks
  3. Just popping on to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas. Love you all and wish the best for you in the coming new Year. BGS Thank you so much for the card and angel. She is beautiful. It is currently snowing out Enough it has covered the ground so far. kids will all be here about noon for dinner tomorrow. Here are the lovies i made the grands
  4. They r so lovely. if no one eles has spoken up I would use them
  5. It is cold here. looking for a low of 19. Currently it is 27. So far i am up to 24 more hat orders. HAHA one lady at work wants 12 and is buying me a turkey.
  6. Sorry guys. my comp died. But again I am back. Katy I got your squares and they are lovely. Thank you So much. Was skimming thru and say Tampa has done her LAST bag. I am heart broken but I am very thankful to have been a recipient on one of them. This is what I have been working on past few days. Posted them on facebook and now i am making more in exchange of banana bread, fudge, and cookies lol
  7. I am cooking for Thanksgiving and all my kiddos and their boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, and babies will be here I am not sure. They lived with her boyfriends parents. Part of me hates the holidays. so much stress. I already feel like i want to sit and cry. Yesterday i spent all day in the hospital with my 21 yr old. He has been puking alot lately and having stomache pain and tenderness. Yesterday he started puking blood. They think he has a bleeding ulcer. so now we have to get him on some insurance cause he cant get it at work so we can get an endoscopy sceduled.
  8. The fire was caused from something in the flue. which is kinda odd cause they have used the wood stove before.
  9. Morning ladies. So very thankful today. At 2pm yesterday my daughter called me. Their house was on fire. Everyone, animals included, got out unharmed. But living room and kitchen and everything in it is gone.
  10. I am currently working on some graphghans for the babies. one is a teddy bear and the other will be a baby lamb. My neighbor has cats outside and the guy acrossed the street has a few also. I have lived here since Feb and there has been at least 2 or 3 litters born. most recent was a few weeks ago. They have a cat box on the porch but mama wont leave them there. Last time she moved them the neighbor couldnt find where she put them. Last night i was out on my front porch and heard baby meows. There they were. she moved them underneath the water hose case. They seem to be doing well. I too
  11. Hey Ladies. So let me catch you up. My oldest son and his wife is fostering 2 babies. both girls, 9 months and 2 yrs old. They will definately have them through christmas. so i am currently making them stockings. and my only daughter is pregnant and dues April 29. So over night i became a nanny.
  12. Well ladies, one problem after another but hopefully i wont get kicked again.
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