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  1. I was using a 5mm hook and Vanna's Choice yarn
  2. It's mostly the part at the beginning about making the slot, I don't know which sides are supposed to be open, and then when I do the two double crochets in each stitch after that it starts fanning out really huge and looking weird. Thank you so much for being willing to try this out and help me! I really really appreciate it!
  3. Awww that's a bummer because I paid for it and here it is for free! Oh well, I still like it enough that it was worth the money Would one of you maybe look at the pattern and see if you can figure it out? I'm still a bit confused.
  4. Hello! I bought this pattern for a Vintage Turban Scarf last night. I was super excited about it and wanted to start it right away, but I couldn't make any sense of the directions! If anybody has used this pattern and was able to make it would you be willing to help me out? Maybe through email or something? I would really appreciate it a lot, thank you!
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