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    Hi i am a mummy and wife and love crochet! im still learning- need help with patterns! love making baby stuff and things for my son who is 1 and my husband ;)
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    Musical theatre
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    baby stuff!
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    2 years
  1. Hello i am trying to make a baby boobie beenie in 0-3 months size however the pattern that says 0-3 months looks way too small- anyone know the measurements of a 0-3month hat>?xxx
  2. hi, my name is katey and im new here! love this sute already if anyone has baby or toddler patterns to share i would love that xxxx
  3. and also did you use a 5mm - it seems a bit big, thank you
  4. Just to check i am doing it correct- is it- yo, go through stitch yo, pull through 2, yo pull through 2.
  5. thank you ever so much for your help
  6. brill thank you. it says size 5 hook is that the same uk?
  7. im asking because it uses double crochet but im not sre if that is uk or amercan double.
  8. hi its this one - http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rainbow-ripple-baby-blanket
  9. hello does anyone know if it is american or uk?
  10. ahhh i see. i understand now. i was thinking left and right not right as in front. thank you
  11. hello, could someone tell me what it means when it says- AND EVERY RIGHT SIDE ROW rep row 2 thanks
  12. Thank you for you for your reply. It is the one you have linked. The pattern has a decription of the tr2tog stitch. it says- yo and insert into next stitch, yo and draw through stitch, yo and draw through two loops on the hook (two loops left on hook). yo and insert hook in to next stitch, yo and draw through two loops on hook, yo and draw through 3 loops on hook. (1trnow decreased) does that make it any clearer? Thanks Katey
  13. She did put inchs as well but i forgot to type them lol it says mafde in england on the back. xxx
  14. Its a DMC Hilary mackin- purchased it from a ebay.
  15. Hi, thanks for replying- it says on the pattern that it decreses it. This is why i am confused because it is getting to small lol
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