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  1. MonetB56

    Blue Star Afghan CAL

    Thank you so much I am working on and have squares comming in for a comfortghan I am making my bf's mother. So I trying to finish that first, but I am still looking at what colors I would like to make this ghan. I can't wait.
  2. MonetB56

    Blue Star Afghan CAL

    I found this CAL and I want in! I will be making this afghan for a craft fair entry. I was trying to skim through all of thses threads and all your afghans look great. TTYL
  3. MonetB56

    List Your Blog Here

    My blog is in my siggy!!
  4. MonetB56

    Blankets for Twins!

    Here I have 1 blue and 1 pink blanket for a friend that is having twins. You can see them at HERE!! Thank you!
  5. MonetB56

    Berka shells from Timeless doilies

    Oh it wonderful!
  6. MonetB56

    Stunning Pineapples?

    that is great.
  7. Yes I'm agreeing with everybody!! Its BEAUTIFUL. and I want that pattern.
  8. MonetB56

    Ripe Wheat Vignette

    It looks wonderful. Goes great with thte book!
  9. MonetB56

    PK's Perfect Pineapple

    It look wonderful. ))))
  10. MonetB56

    My tiny bear

    Very cute. I don't have th guts to do something that small yet. :cheer to you!
  11. MonetB56

    My Garden Path Doily

    Its perfect! I LOVE IT!!
  12. MonetB56

    Evening Shawl

    I HATE tassles! Looks WONDEFUL!!
  13. MonetB56

    Elemental Achievement