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  1. Thank you so much I am working on and have squares comming in for a comfortghan I am making my bf's mother. So I trying to finish that first, but I am still looking at what colors I would like to make this ghan. I can't wait.
  2. I found this CAL and I want in! I will be making this afghan for a craft fair entry. I was trying to skim through all of thses threads and all your afghans look great. TTYL
  3. Here I have 1 blue and 1 pink blanket for a friend that is having twins. You can see them at HERE!! Thank you!
  4. Yes I'm agreeing with everybody!! Its BEAUTIFUL. and I want that pattern.
  5. It looks wonderful. Goes great with thte book!
  6. Very cute. I don't have th guts to do something that small yet. :cheer to you!
  7. I HATE tassles! Looks WONDEFUL!!
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