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  1. I've just joined your community...I spend some time each day online at Facebook, read, crochet and knit; I sometimes get housework done--but I liked the idea of putting it in a folder on my desktop and deleting it...so I did! I started crocheting in 1963 and with some gaps (stuff happens...) have been doing it ever since... F'rinstance, I started an afghan for my California queen sized bed 20 years ago (adapted a Herrschner's kit by buying extra yarn and adding stitches to increase the width)...got about 2 feet done over a few years and then went back to college to work on my Master's degree...you guessed it, I had no time for anything else so the afghan sat in a bag in the living room and got forgotten... I picked it back up in '11 and have almost doubled it in length...way too much left to finish it but I work on it several times a week and hope to finish it in a few years...hope I still have the bed... :-D I currently have 13 crochet and 1 knit project in the works; I make premie hats and baby blankets for charity--not very many as we already know I'm slow as molasses, sweaters, hats, scarves and now slippers for myself and my family and have about 4 other lapghans & afghans in process... Now I found a plus size pattern book and my oldest wants a shell top from one of the patterns...I told her, 'well, I'm at my limit for projects right now...as soon as I finish something, I'll put it in the mix...' and rushed to buy new yarn...yep, I'm a fiber addict.. Oh yes, I'm married with 2 gorgeous daughters and an 18 pound Burmese named Jeff. I live in lower Michigan and am a member of the Eastern Star...and am very wordy--see, I wrote a book about myself! ^_^
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