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  1. It's just worsted weight, probably 4 ply. I found a lady on Ravelry who had the *exact* same problem and managed to fix it. Hopefully I can, too!!
  2. I'll have to check the "first big circle" bit; I know I counted right, and I think I ended up using a G hook, also. I know mine looks different in the spot you mentioned; I *wanted* those lines to be straight (I'm an engineer, what can I say?), so I carefully modified the pattern. I know I got the stitch count right, though; I checked and rechecked! I know you're probably right, and I'll have to redo....but I hope you don't mind if I hope you're wrong!
  3. I used a pattern for this one. Lemme see...here it is! Round We Go, from Annie's Attic. It had pretty regular increases, as I recall. I'm not *totally* beyond ripping out rows (and rows and rows) to fix this, but I'd REALLY rather fix it with blocking or something, if I can!
  4. Help!!! I finished this afghan a while ago, and it's insanely wrinkled. It looks to me like the outside is WAY tighter than the inside. It's all the same weight acrylic yarn, same hook all the way through, and I'm pretty sure my stitch count was right...anyway, for whatever reason, it's *WONKY*. I put it away because it discouraged me so much, and now I've lost my crochet confidence. I want it back, and I want this afghan to be as pretty as I know it can be - I want to be proud of it! I tried soaking it and hanging over my shower curtain rod so it could stretch, but I can't tell that it made any appreciable difference. I tried pinning it out on a king-sized mattress, but the tension was SO much that I kept bending pins. It's been suggested that I try to block it a section at a time - either from the inside out, or 1/4 or 1/8 sections. Does anyone have any hints, advice, ANYTHING??? Please help!
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