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    Bethlehem, PA
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    Stay at home mom that works from home
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  1. FASTEST KNITTER/Crocheter CONTEST December 7th 2013! Sponsored by Easton, PA's Chase The Chill and The Knitter’s Edge! Contest 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Are you a fast knitter or crocheter? Do you think you’re faster than most of your friends? Do you think it would be fun to find out? Come and compete in the Indiemade Craft Market's Fastest Stitcher Contests! Same-day registration required. Knitters and crocheters receive rules and assigned competition time on-site. Location: Fearless Fire Co. 1221 S Front St, Allentown, PA 18103
  2. I want to attend one of the Professional Development Days at the Chain Link conference but can't beacause of family obligations. I have requested a mentor when I joined CGOA for contract crochet but there are none. The contract crochet group on yahoo replaces a mentor.
  3. I'm trying to start my new career as a contract crocheter. It was one of the reasons I joined CGOA and attained associate professional recognition. Is it really that hard to get started? I joined Ravelry test groups, self promote, follow designer blogs and it seems that it's a slow moving process.
  4. Thank you. Great to meet new people and have one thing in common. Crochet!!
  5. Hello from Bethlehem, Pa. Love all things about crochet. Always trying new stitches and patterns.
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