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Ann Le Roy

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  • Birthday May 22


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    Busy mother of three
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    Madison, Alabama
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    Crocheting, fish keeping, bird watching, gardening
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    Looking for one
  • How long have you been crocheting?
    30 years
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  1. Ann Le Roy

    Looking for patterns

    There are more hairpin patters then I thought. I also live in the south, going to have to make more of them.
  2. Ann Le Roy

    Any one from Alabama here?

    I live in Madison Alabama.
  3. Ann Le Roy

    Beaded Bracelet

  4. Ann Le Roy

    Bead Crochet Rope Jewelry

    Beautiful! Look so fun to make.
  5. Ann Le Roy


    I am not sure I like this but I thought I would share. I did have fun making it.
  6. Ann Le Roy

    CGOA Masters Program

    There is no time limit to the Master's Program, there use to be in the past, I am working on it right now. Also crocheting other things at the same time.
  7. Ann Le Roy

    CGOA Masters Program

    Working on the Master Program now, learning the bullion stitch.
  8. learning the bullion stitch

  9. Look forward to a Cyber Chapter, there is no CGOA Chapter near me.
  10. Ann Le Roy

    So who is a member of CGOA?

    I am a member just joined in Nov. 2012, had been thinking of joining for a long time. Been crocheting for 27 years, I wonder if I will be able to make it to one of the convention's, if the kids don't need me as taxi mom.
  11. Ann Le Roy

    10,000+ Facebook fans!

    Way to go!!!!
  12. Ann Le Roy

    Getting Started on Gifts for 2013

    I haven't started yet, but in the future i will.