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  1. When I opened my first shop two years ago the only things I sold were through a couple of family members, but this was good since I got some good feedback. I am now working on opening another shop and one thing I see that all successful shops have in common is that they blog or socialize online in some way. You really have to put yourself out there, be your own 'pr' and promote yourself! It seems kind of shameless but hey, you have to get your name out there some way! For example, I run a blog mostly for inspirational purposes, I feature stuff there that I like and gained a following. Then, when I create something I can post it there for all my followers to see, attracting potential business. With my first shop, I didn't do this and saw no sales from online strangers, so I figured it was important! Getting that initial good feedback is also tricky, but I guess getting someone you know personally to buy through your online shop and give you positive feedback wouldn't be too much to ask. It worked for me! Photography is really important. It's the only way to show your product to the customer. They cannot touch it and examine it in person, so it can be difficult to convince someone to buy something with only a picture. If getting that indirect sunlight is difficult (it is for me, texas is never overcast) you can make a "Light Box". There are many tutorials on youtube to make one. It is very inexpensive. For mine I already had most of the materials. A cardboard box with three sides cut out, like windows, your product goes inside the box. I taped tracing paper over the windows and faced three desk lamps into the box (you will need Daylight bulbs) The tracing paper filters the light so there are no harsh shadows on your product. The results can be really stunning.
  2. Hi, I've been crocheting for about two years now. My main hobby is crochet and knitting, but I also like video games. I give crochet lessons sometimes around these parts and run a blog called Gamingurumi, which combines gaming and amigurumi. It also has general knitting and crochet. This is a really nice community and I hope to make some good crafting connections here!
  3. Hello! I'm from Texas too Though I am out in the dusty flatlands of the western part. I'm new here too!
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