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  1. It's near 2 am here, and I figured it out! if you follow the instructions exactly the same as the back, and ignore the ommitting part, you get the correct sizing. UGH! it's so frustrating, I sat here for HOURS trying to figure this out. I will make a ravelry thing for it tomorrow, hopefully it will help more people Once again, thank you guys so much, you guys are awesome! ^_^
  2. XD LOL!!!! you are so funny! Though I have to agree, I have noticed a very big increase in errors in patterns today than when my grandmother was younger. I guess they just don't see crocheting and knitting as important anymore. It's sad really. I know mistakes are made, it can happen even in books, but I have noticed that I have had more trouble and mistakes in patterns that are written from like late 90's early 2000's onward, than I have from like patterns I have gotten that were from my grandmother's time. I thank you for taking the time to find another on that looks exactly the same. I will show her this and hopefully she likes it, if not, I will work with what I have here and try to find a work around for it. Actually, what I might do is test out all of the other sizes and see if they are all wrong. if they are, I can put them here if you guys want, in case anyone else has an issue with this. I might make a ravelry project post as well for the information. Again, Thank you guys so much! I really do appreciate it! ^_^
  3. Yeah, I have this one...if you actually click on it...it only give you the error correction for page 11 at the armohole for the back...nothing else.
  4. My mother was looking through my issue of Crochet world when she spotted this pattern in the 2016 February edition. She fell in love with it and I started making it. I know it's been a while for it, but I'm only just now getting to the left panel of it. Though, after I did the lace, the pattern instructions for the left panel says to copy the back panel instructions up through the armhole, only omitting the increase row on the small size only. I am doing the 2XL version because my mom likes her sweaters and things like them super big. and the only stitch count it gave me for the entire panel was 56. After doing the first row after the lace pattern, I have 57, not 56...I pulled it out and followed it again and still came up with the same issue. I read through the entirety of the back panel, thinking I take it out somewhere else in the pattern, but it doesn't appear to be the case. Not only that, it doesn't give me how many stitches I'm suppose to have for certain areas like it does with the back, so it's really rather confusing. I have even tried to work it out on my graph paper and it's still the same result. I know that the back panel chain is 134 and you end up with 111 stitches to work with the first row after the lace work, so I tried seeing how many stitches I would be taking away, thinking I could get a good idea of what it might be, but it tells me that I should only have 45 left X.X so that was a dead end. I was wondering if anyone else had done this pattern, more preferably the 2XL, but any little bit of help that is offered I will take, and I want to know if you have run into the same issue. If anyone has the stitch count too that would be super awesome. Thank you for all your help! ^_^
  5. blocked or not, I see what you are saying now! HAVE ALL THE INTERNET!!!! You are my hero!!!! If I could shower you in gifts right now, I totally would!!!! thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!
  6. Well..for an update, the including the ch5 as a possible decrease didn't really work, at 18 i have 21...not the 19....I'm still trying to figure out if I'm wrong or not with my calculations...
  7. Hmm...I'm not sure...wait...unless....unless the chain 5 over the two you brought together counts as the decrease at the beginning...I don't know though...I will give it a try...I just don't know how a decrease at the beginning...if my calculator is correct, by row 18 I should have 19 meshes because at 16 you have 23, then at the end of row 17 you would have 21, then at row 18 you would have 19 right...X.X I'm so confused...because after row 18 it says to decrease on either side like in row 18 but row 18 doesn't tell you how to decrease in the beginning.......and I'm talking in circle XD LOL!!! oh geeze. I will try what you said, and I will try the other theory I got, though thank you, because you did spark it lol.
  8. Fist off, I have just noticed that my last link in my last post was removed. I don't understand why that website isn't allowed, but, that's fine, I didn't know and do apologize. Secondly, I am doing a snood I found, a perky snood -> http://www.***********.com/crochet/persno.html and I am confused about the decreasing that starts at 17...or is it 16...either way, it says to decrease, which is fine but, after row 18, it says to decrease on both sides like in the last row...but it only tells you how to decrease at the end of the row, not the beginning and end. So I'm wondering just how to read this pattern here lol. any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. I asked about this pattern on another site, and it seems that no one else has done this pattern. This isn't the issue, as the people there have helped me figure out a lot of it despite not having done it. The pattern is... I found it while looking on google and had decided to try it. it was on allcrafts.net. I have just finished second front but...the sleeves are giving me an issue and...well...there's no real indication of where seams should be...it just says sew seams... So, my question is...has anyone here done this pattern before...and if they have...can you tell me how it's suppose to look or give me some help with it...because I'm starting ot doubt if I'm doing it right even lol.
  10. Yeah, that's the one froggy, in your second post...but that's also the only person I saw selling the pattern itself, not the entire book. I really don't want to buy a pattern that came in en entire book if I don't have to. I don't even know if that's allowed to sell individual patterns from whole books...if I have no other choice and can't get the book...I might...just something about that rubs me the wrong is all lol.
  11. Nope...just the photo...unfortunately...I remember it saying it was printed in 1996 but...only the one that you showed me pops up...that's the only reason I remember when they said it was printed lol.
  12. no...unfortunately...it's not it...I wish it was or I would have scooped it lol I can try to find the cover again...if I can remember what I typed...might go through my history lol. http://pixhst.com/avaxhome/f7/0d/00150df7_medium.jpeg I found this on google and it was linked to a list of annie's books that someone had composed and they said it had it in there....I can't find the side for it though now, my history is way too long...
  13. I saw a picture of a afghan that had a bunch of antique cars on it. I thought it would be good for my grandfather who is into all the really old cars. I searched everywhere for the pattern and found out that Annie's attic made it. I went to the site to see if they had it for sale, and they didn't have it. I went to ebay, amazon, everything, and the book it was in, wasn't there being sold. It's in a book called Annie's favorite afghans and no one is selling the book. I have seen one person selling the individual pattern but...the thing is, if it only came in the one book, how can I be sure it is a legitimate copy and not like photocopy...I don't want to buy something counterfeit you know...I looked around and it seems that the pattern is super rare, a lot of people that are looking for it, have got the response that you may never find it, it was a rare print. I want to know if anyone knows where I can still get it, how much it would be, or if it in fact came in other pattern books and not just the one I managed to find. I also want to know if it is in fact such a rare print or are the people that are answering maybe exaggerating just a bit. I do plan to check out my local thrift stores for the book and hoping it's there but...again, I want to know if there is a place I could get it or something.
  14. OK! AWESOME!!!! ^_^...thing is now...now I have more than one idea T^T XD LOL!!!
  15. I for got to ask this yesterday but, if I were to make a photoshop JPEG of how I want it to look, with the logo and everything, could I use that on here as well, or does it have to be a photo? I know what size I need it, I need it as big as it will get both in length and width lol , he's 6'7" lol, so I need it to be super big lol
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