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  1. Hello From Beautiful East Texas...I love crochet, I am a Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Great-grandmother...I am happy to be here!!

    1. TexasPurl


      Howdy! I'm in South Central Texas!

    2. greyhoundgrandma


      Hello from Mississippi!

  2. Hi -- Finally joined this group. You probably guessed crochet isn't the only thing I'm into (although I DON'T chase!). I also like Loom knitting, counted cross stitch, reading and music (both listening and performing multiple instruments).

  3. hI Gail from NZ here looking forward to joining this group

  4. Merry Christmas , Happy Hannukah , Happy Kwanzaa , and Happy Holidays , Villagers! Whatever holiday you celebrate this season or if you're just enjoying the beginning of the winter season, we have a very special present for you today. Several weeks ago, Rachel retired from Crochet Pattern Central and turned the site over to another company. We know many of you are disappointed with the changes that company has made to the site and with the lack of any new patterns being added to the site over the past month. A free pattern directory seems a perfect match for Crochetville, but with our friend Rachel so lovingly caring for Crochet Pattern Central, it didn't make sense for us to have one as well. But now that things have changed, we are creating the free crochet pattern directory of our dreams. We have spent the past few weeks developing Crochetville's very own free crochet pattern directory. We have the basic structure in place, but it's not very complete right now, as we're sure you'll notice. We need your help to make this directory fabulous! We'll need: 1. Site Visitors We hope you will enjoy the features we've built into this site. We hope that as we populate it with patterns, our free crochet pattern directory will become your go-to site when you need help finding a free crochet pattern. Please go check out our free crochet pattern directory. Take a look at the new features and let us know what you think about it. 2. Pattern Link Submitters We would love for you to add links to your favorite free patterns or any free pattern you run across when browsing the internet. Just follow our easy tutorial. Guidelines: Please submit only free crochet patterns. Please submit only patterns that have at least one photo. If a pattern depicts a trademark (such as a character or logo) submit it only if it is licensed. (There are very few licensed patterns available as free patterns.) All submitted links will go into a moderation queue for review by our team of volunteer editors. 3. Volunteer Editors We'll need some volunteer editors who will be able to do things like: Proofread the listings Add thumbnail photos Assign the pattern to the proper categories Approve for posting If you have at least a few hours (or more) a week you'd be able to spend helping edit the directory, let us know! We hope to have 5-10 editors so nobody feels overwhelmed. We have a team of 4 already in place, but we'd love to have some more. We're anticipating there will be a lot of patterns submitted during the first few weeks with the volume slowly declining after that. Please Contact Us if you'd like to be a volunteer editor. Giveaways We're thinking of having some special giveaways when we reach certain milestone goals for the number of patterns in the database. Maybe for our first 1,000 and then for every increment of 5,000? What do you think? Does that sound like fun? We hope you're as excited about this new directory as we are! Now go check it out!
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    Upgrading Forum Software

    As you know, we periodically have down time for a forum upgrade. Well, this time it's going to be a really big upgrade because our current software is at end of life. We've taken a lot of time to think about how we'll proceed. Regardless of our choice, big change would be afoot. That's because the next version of the software we're using is a complete overhaul of the layout and everything (small company got bought out by big company, and made big changes in software). We're really not happy with the direction the new company is taking with the software, so sometime in the next few weeks, we'll be moving over to Invision Power Suite. We know this will be a major change, so we're giving you plenty of advance notice to get used to the idea. When Will This Happen? We aren't sure of the exact date yet, but it will be sometime in January 2013. Forum Downtime The forum will be down for several days while we migrate the database to the new software. (It's huge!) We'll be sure to give you advance notice so you can make plans accordingly! How to Keep In Touch with Us during Downtime While the forum is down, we can all keep in contact with each other in these places: Our Blog Our Facebook Page Our Twitter Account Another New Thing We have another exciting new feature that we're introducing TODAY! We know how disappointed you all have been with the changes to Crochet Pattern Central after Rachel retired and turned it over to another company. We have a new option for you: Crochetville's Own Free Pattern Directory! Read all about in this post. Be sure to click the link in that post to visit the directory and see what all the buzz is about!
  6. Want to talk about events or athletes that are part of the official Olympic Games taking place in London? You're in the right place! Let's get the discussion going.
  7. Crochetville LLC

    Medal Status

    This thread will be opened once the games begin. 2012 medal badges will be added to thread at that time. When you complete your project or when the games are over, please let us know if you received a medal. Percent completion is to be determined by yourself on the honor system. SPECIAL NOTE: Please post to this thread ONLY when ALL items listed in your challenge in the Athletes thread have been completed. Please do not post general comments in this thread; please use all the other threads in this forum to post notes to each other. (All general discussion posts will be deleted from this thread without further notice, as they make it hard for me to keep track of the completed challenges. Thanks for making my job easier by posting only medal status in this thread. ) Gold: Project is 100% complete Silver: Project is 95-99% complete Bronze: Project is 90-94% complete Honorable Mention: Project is 80-89% complete Here is a list of all medal winners who have posted to claim their medal status. Names in bold are eligible for our prize drawings. According to our Rules and General Information post, to be eligible for prize drawings, you had to post your medal status within 24 of the flame being extinguished. Even if we can't include you in the prize drawings, please still post to claim your medal status. Gold: Apak Bailey4 Black on White Braxxi busy-bee-lmt Charis coneyhotdog CrochetKitten cshort ddc Dragonflymomof2 dragonpuck kidge MrsMcKee pineknott purples Shell Lee smokeyp81 Silver: Project is 95-99% complete Bronze: Project is 90-94% complete Honorable Mention: craftyone Ravy17 Prize Winners: Earrings donated by CrochetKitten: Shell Lee Digital patterns (1 each) donated by Ravy17: Pineknott, Black on White, Purples Skinny Mini bag donated by Namaste: Apak Digital patterns (1 each) donated by RoseRed: CrochetKitten, Kidge, Ddc Sock monkey book and knooking kit donated by #1crochetfan: Bailey4
  8. Use this thread to talk about anything related to the 2012 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece. This thread will be opened when the Crochet Games begin. Until that time, please chat in the Training thread.
  9. Check the list below to see all the athletes participating in the 2012 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece and the projects they've chosen. List is in alphabetical order by username. We will add your name to this list once you have selected a specific challenge for the games and posted about it in the Join the Games thread. Don't forget to save a copy of our 2012 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece button (created by Donna) on your own webspace and include it on your blog, website, Facebook, Pinterest. You're welcome to use the button before selecting a crochet challenge for the games. Participating Athletes: CrochetKitten: Alice in Wonderland Trifecta - Queen of Hearts Crown, Alice Pinafore, Flamingo Croquet Covers (designing and completing all projects) Je-Rel Drood: Flurries blanket with matching throw pillow cawsny: unknown project, but using new technique learned at Chain Link Manchester craftyone: 20 towels toppers with 10 pair of coordinating potholders, 6 toilet tissue covers, 6 soap swans, 6 tissue box covers, 4 scarf and hat sets, 4 Halloween amigurumi, and 30 Santa pins (100 items total) Shell Lee: crocheting 16/24/36 squares of a project, depending on work schedule that week crochetlady2012: Wedding Ring Quilt by Kathleen Sams eurolyons: 3 baby dresses: Tulip Time, Pink Parfait, Yellow Rose (Patterns are from Annie's Attic Beautiful Baby Boutique, Designs by Rebecca Leigh.) kidge: Doily Rug Bailey4: something doll or toy related Kell1975: decorative edgings for pillowcases for Christmas gifts Ravy17: cabled afghan of own design smokeyp81: 8 hats to donate to Knots of Love lil_mama06: 4 dolls using Little Pigtail Girl pattern DesertCrocheter: Ocean Pearls cardigan Threecats: Blue Curacao by Doris Chan Braxxi: complete the Jungle Bunnies graph afghan Michele: a hat a day (17) pineknott: 20 hats made for the homeless HollyzHobbyz: rectangles for handmade Afghans Project (need to provide a number) purples: 36 cotton washcloths for Warmth for Warriors coneyhotdog: Thaxton Cowl by Vashti Braha rebbylicious: hairpin lace wrap/scarf and 20 granny squares busy-bee-lmt: 2 prayer shawls: Celtic Knot and Eva's Shawl crocheter4jesus: Celtic Knot Shawl yarn monkey: shawl ddc: 4 hospice lapghans smith: lavender and purple throw shaylen: 68 daisy squares yarnjeannie: animal backpack MrsMcKee: 20 washcloths for Warmth for Warriors AND amigurumi kitty kraftynkrazy: design and complete 3 amigurumi birds trudem: baby blanket, sweater, hat, booties carriesue: Bavarian Lullabye by Jenny King littleKnit: lumberjack flannelghan FrLopLady: Relaxed Cardi Apak: Neat Ripple Pattern baby blanket cshort: Child's Chevron Throw dragonpuck: 17 scarves chevy_chick95: 30 chemo caps tonyal: Noah's Ark blanket #1Crochetfan: 3 large Christmas stockings; 3 Lily Elf dolls; crocheted tote from energy drink containers charis: 2 amigurumis for Christmas presents Stephanie: ladybug afghan dragonflymomof2: lacy jacket from Caron Black on White: 5 hats or toys for Africa
  10. Trying to decide what challenge you want to accept? Trying to select a pattern or yarn? Having trouble making a gauge swatch? Or are you just trying to decide if you want to participate in the games at all? This thread is for all discussion about the games as we refine our crochet skills in preparation for the main event. When the games start, this thread will be closed and discussion will move to the Let the Games Begin! thread.
  11. DEADLINE: This thread will be closed at 4:00 PM eastern time on Friday, July 27, the beginning of the Opening Ceremonies. As long as you post your information before the thread is closed, you'll be able to enter the Games! After reading the Rules and General Information, if you want to be a part of the 2012 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece, please post a reply in this thread with the following information: --What you're crocheting (feel free to include as much information as you like: name of pattern, where it can be found, a link if possible, yarn you're using, etc.) (You do need to specify a specific project in order to be added to the Athlethes list.) --Why this is a challenge for you After you have posted in this thread, we'll add you to the list of participants in our Athletes thread. Please keep posts in this thread limited to the information requested above. For general discussion about the 2012 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece, please post in the Greek Games Training thread. That's where all the fun is taking place!
  12. This thread will be used to thank sponsors who have generously contributed one or more prizes to the 2012 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece. Please keep reading the posts to see pictures of all the fabulous prizes that have been donated! Making a Donation If you or your company would like to donate a prize for our drawing, please use the Contact Us form and let us know. You will be recognized with a thank you and a link to your business below. For more information about the Crochetville's 2012 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece, please see the General Rules and Information.
  13. The 2014 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece Dates: Friday, February 7 -- Sunday, February 23 Social media hashtag: #CGAG Athlete Eligibility: The 2014 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece are open to all crocheters around the world who wish to celebrate the spirit of the ancient Greek games by challenging themselves and their crochet abilities. The Challenge: Pick a crochet project that will be a challenge for you to complete during the 2014 Winter Olympics. Start Time: We will all begin our projects when the Olympic Games begin with the Opening Ceremonies in Sochi at 20:00 Moscow Time (11:00 AM EST, 8:00 AM PST). For those who live in other time zones, here is a time difference calculator to help you figure out your local start time. End Time: The Games will end on Sunday, February 23 after the Closing Ceremonies and after the torch has been extinguished. Since we don't know what time that will take place, the official end time will be 23:59 Moscow time (2:59 PM EST, 11:59 AM PST). To qualify for a medal, you must edit your Entry Form with "Finished" prior to this time. Teams: Being on a team can add even more fun to the games. This year, any member is welcome to create a team and serve as team captain. As team captain, it will be your job to encourage and support your team members as they work toward completing their challenge. You are welcome to create your own team challenges and contests. You can join as many teams as you wish, but you must have a separate project for each team. Team sign-ups will officially close when the 2014 Games open at 20:00 Moscow Time on February 7. We'll update Team Stats (number of medals won) as the Games progress. Medals: Winners of the ancient Greek games were immortalized in poems and statues by writers and artists. While we can't immortalize you, we will award medals (badges you can post on your blog or use as Facebook avatars) at the end of the Games. Gold: Project is 100% complete Silver: Project is 95-99% complete Bronze: Project is 90-94% complete Honorable Mention: Project is 80-89% complete How to Join If you want to be a part of the 2014 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece, please post in the Athlete Registration topic. Blog Button Please feel free to save a copy of our 2014 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece button (created by Donna) on your own webspace and include it on your blog or personal website. You're welcome to use the button even before you're ready to be listed as an official athlete. Prizes We will award some prizes at the end of the 2014 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece. To be eligible for a prize, you must post your Medal Status in your Athlete Registration post by 2:59 PM EST on Sunday, February 23. Winners will be selected by random drawing. Sponsors We are seeking sponsors to provide prizes for the drawing. If you or your company would like to donate a prize (pattern, yarn, hooks, etc.), please post a message in our Prizes thread with details of the prize your are offering. Buzz Please feel free to post about and discuss the 2014 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece on your blogs, websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, and to invite your friends to come participate with us. (See disclaimer below: please do not refer to this event as the Crochet Olympics.) Use the hashtag #CGAG. Disclaimer Although we are holding this event at the time of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, the 2014 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece are not officially affiliated with or endorsed by the International Olympic Committee, the US Olympic Committee, the British Olympic Committee, or the Olympic Committee of any other country.
  14. We would like this area of Crochetville to be a rich resource of community-generated articles on many topics related to crochet: stitch tutorials, technique tutorials, interviews with designers, product reviews, essays (fiction or non-fiction), crochet history, and anything else you can come up with. We are happy to accept previously published as well as new material fro professionals and non-professionals alike. Submissions may be edited or reformatted to correct spelling or grammatical errors, to provide further clarity, or to fit space constraints. All accepted submissions will be re-posted under the username "Crochetville News," but will contain a copyright statement at the top of the thread clearly identifying the author by Crochetville username, actual name (at discretion of submitter), and a link back to submitter's website(s). Accepted submissions may also appear on the upcoming new main page of the Crochetville website as featured articles. In addition to providing valuable content for the Crochetville community, we hope any article you submit will also generate some traffic back to your website through the links we'll include in the article. How to Submit an Article: Create a new thread in the Articles Pending Review folder. Be sure to provide the information you would like us to include in the copyright statement (real name, website URL, etc.). Type or paste in the article content and upload any photos you'd like us to use. If you do not own copyright to the photos, we'll need a copyright release statement from the copyright owner. Just include a note in your thread, and we'll let you know what we need. If you'd like us to use a post you have previously published on your blog or website, just include a link to that post and let us know which, if any, photos you are giving us permission to use. Legal Details: You will retain all copyrights to your articles, and are therefore free to publish your articles on your own website or any other place you wish. By submitting an article, you grant Crochetville a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable worldwide license to edit, use, copy, publish, publicly display, store, reproduce, transmit, and distribute submitted content on and through the Crochetville website, our Facebook page, in publicity and promotional materials, in compilations of articles, and in any other manner. You will always receive full credit as the author of the article and we will provide a link back to your site(s) whenever possible.