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  • Birthday 01/04/1986

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    Independent Crafter
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    Scarves, blankets, hats...anything I can get my hook into.
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    About 6 months or so
  1. Thanks! I was really proud.
  2. Thanks! I'm still doing easy stuff, but I enjoy those!
  3. There were made out of boredom and will probably end up in my shop!
  4. A dance shawl for a friends granddaughter before being fringed. The 8 year old does Native American fancy shawl dance and they wanted something a little different!
  5. Just a simple granny blanket, but its for a good cause!
  6. I'm right near the Bristol track. In fact, I'm going to positively stay completely indoors for the next two weeks because the race is next weekend. The traffic is always awful. And thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I'll lurk around the forums once I finish this episode of Sherlock.
  7. Hi everyone! I'm Suzi. I live on the border between western Virginia and eastern Tennessee. I've been crocheting for probably close to six months. It keeps me sane! I'm on Ravelry, but I'd like to branch out and see what else is out there in the fiber world. So Nice to meet everyone!! I have a Bonanza shop, but I haven't updated it in a while. Soon as I do, I'll post it!
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