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    hi everyone

    HI and welcome from Indiana
  2. truckin Patty

    Old crocheter but now a newbie

    HI and welcome from Southeastern Indiana.
  3. truckin Patty

    Georgia in Motion -15 inch doll

    As you can see I haven't been on here in a long while, I love looking at all your patterns, Thank you so much!
  4. truckin Patty

    A Colourful Cowgirl in Calgary-15 inch doll

    That is so cute!!! Thank you so much!
  5. truckin Patty

    Two by Two Ghan baby set

    Thank you so much for all you share!
  6. truckin Patty

    Sweetly - 10" baby doll

    OH so cute, love them. Thank You
  7. truckin Patty

    Harriet - 18" doll

    Thank YOU!!
  8. truckin Patty

    Coppertone baby dress set

    Boy oh boy I'm gonna be busy with all the outfits you have given patterns for. Thank you Thank you!!!!
  9. truckin Patty

    Babies' First Christmas - 8.5" baby

    These are so darn cute, just want to squeeze them, Thanks for sharing!
  10. truckin Patty

    Midori - 18" doll

    So cute, thank you!
  11. truckin Patty

    The Call of the Purple - 18" doll

    Granddaughter will love it, purple is her color, Thank you!
  12. truckin Patty

    Twinkle, Twinkle...18"baby

    That is so cute, thank you for sharing!
  13. truckin Patty

    CORRECTED: Birthday Party - 18" doll

    I also love seeing what you have created, and always thought that it came easy to you. I will miss seeing them, but hope you have a happy retirement. Thank you for all your time and energy in producing your great patterns.
  14. truckin Patty

    Princess Clematia - 18" doll

    Thank you I like this one also, and I know they will too!
  15. truckin Patty

    Hello Dolly - 18" baby doll

    Thank you so much, I love looking at what you create! I have 2 out of the 5 granddaughters that love dolls, so I'm going to give this one a try.
  16. truckin Patty

    Greetings from Poland!

    HI and welcome from Indiana.
  17. truckin Patty

    Hello from Hubbys!

    HI and welcome from Southeastern Indiana and welcome. I truck with my hubby!
  18. truckin Patty

    Hello Everyone

    Hello from Southeastern Indiana and welcome!
  19. truckin Patty

    Baby-sized cookieghan

    That is so cute!
  20. truckin Patty

    Blue & brown theme corner to corner

    Very pretty
  21. truckin Patty

    Hello, I'm new to crochetville

    Hi and welcome from Indiana!
  22. truckin Patty

    Hi! Im excited I found this place!

    HI and welcome from Southeastern Indiana!
  23. truckin Patty


    Hi and welcome from Southeastern Indiana!