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  1. Has anyone seen this pattern? The son of a friend saw at a craft fair but couldn't afford $30 each for his two daughters. Hoping someone can point me to the pattern and I can bless him by making similar ones for the girls.
  2. agreed, the ones that stay compressed are great; those that don't are useless except for keeping out dust
  3. I agree that cotton is best for cold drinks to absorb condensation but I think wool is great for hot because of it's insulating properties it not only protects your hands from the hot cup but will help keep the coffee warm too!
  4. some fibers unravel more easily than others; sweaters even slightly felted will cause you to pull harder, breaking the yarn; the more you do, the better you get at it, the recycled yarn seller likely does a lot more volume than those of us average recyclers....btw, i have almost as much yarn in un-recycled sweaters as I do in store-bought skeins! my favorites to recycle are wool/cotton blends, wool/silk blends - i love the feel and they rarely felt so they're easy to harvest. I've been recycling for about 5 years
  5. I think I might have the beginnings of being a "yarn snob" thanks to Tuesday Morning!!
  6. I've made both of these...I used Bernat Satin for both 9-Patch Blanket Make it Yours: Pocket Pal Blanket (I chose not to make the pockets)
  7. I'm really not into amigurumi but a little girl at church asked me yesterday so sweetly to make her a duck because the one she has "smells like cat pee" and they have to get rid of it. Based on her description (thankfully she didn't bring the smelly one with her!) it looks something like this one I found on Ravelry but I don't know where I'd find the pattern to purchase. There was another similar one when I googled "crochet duck pattern" but they wanted $8.99 for a reproduction of a vintage pattern, not even the original...that seemed a little excessive for me. Any help finding this pattern
  8. It almost seems to.....elegant....for a tote I think. Fellow enabler here !! Many baby/todler blankets and washcloth gift baskets
  9. I believe Red Heart Soft would also be a suitable substitute
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