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    I am a 47 year old who always wanted to learn Crochet, I finally learned a few stitches this summer (2012) and love it. I am still learning!
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    In our RV
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    crochet, reading
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    scarves and Granny Squares
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    since summer 2012
  1. We are in Rockport Tx for the winter.....might stay longer, we havent decided yet.
  2. I wanted to crochet while moving while we are in the RV, but there is so much scenery, I find it difficult.
  3. I find myself trying to crochet at different times of the day, and just cant seem to "get into it", until late late evening, and then I will crochet all night. So my question is do others have a "time of day" they find it easier to crochet in?
  4. 47 and just started crocheting in August 2012
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