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    I am a 47 year old who always wanted to learn Crochet, I finally learned a few stitches this summer (2012) and love it. I am still learning!
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    In our RV
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    crochet, reading
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    since summer 2012
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    scarves and Granny Squares
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  1. Jeepngirl

    Scrap Afghan

    Very nice.
  2. Jeepngirl

    8' Square Afghan For My Mum

    Very Pretty. I love it!
  3. Very pretty. I hope one day to be able to do things like this.
  4. Jeepngirl

    Easy Beauty Chain Scarf

    Another pretty scarf for me to make! Thank you for the pattern!
  5. Jeepngirl

    New-ish to Crochet

    Welcome!! From the Coast of Texas.
  6. Jeepngirl

    Sneaking yarn in the home

    DH goes with me to buy yarn, helps me choose the colors, and encourages me while I am working on something, so no need to hide it. I love having such a support system! In fact, sometimes I think I am buying too much, and try to put it back and he wont let me!:manyheart
  7. Jeepngirl

    Do you have a certain time of day?

    We are in Rockport Tx for the winter.....might stay longer, we havent decided yet.
  8. Jeepngirl

    New here

    Welcome from Rockport Tx.
  9. Jeepngirl

    Do you have a certain time of day?

    I wanted to crochet while moving while we are in the RV, but there is so much scenery, I find it difficult.
  10. I find myself trying to crochet at different times of the day, and just cant seem to "get into it", until late late evening, and then I will crochet all night. So my question is do others have a "time of day" they find it easier to crochet in?
  11. Jeepngirl

    Sashay Scarf Giveaway....Winner pat54

    I LOVE these scarves.....I would love to be entered to win one of them!!
  12. Jeepngirl

    Warm greetings from Poland

    Hi From Rockport Tx!
  13. This is the lap afghan I finished early this morning. Hubby likes it!
  14. Since I love green, this is great for me! Emerald green is so pretty. This bodes well for my afghan for the bedroom....maybe even one for the couch!
  15. Jeepngirl

    Afghan for Horse Rescue Organization

    Wow! Looks great!