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    My username comes from Susie Sharp, the first female Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. I don't know if she liked to crochet, but I do!

    '13 is a good year for stash busting!
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    North Carolina
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    sewing, drawing, oils, records
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    public art, random goodies
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    1995, off and on.
  1. Lovely result! Just lovely!
  2. Yeah, we need more info so we can help you decipher it.
  3. That is some spiffy crochet! I love oddball objects that improve life & make it more of a delight!
  4. I'll vouch for cat fur conundrums. Great colors and scale.
  5. Do you like motifs? Google "Anni Albers" (famous textile artist from The Bauhaus) to get some ideas for color patterns and make squares in SC. Instead of having them make a larger rectangle, have the squares meet 45 degrees off, so all four sides have a sawtooth edge of one or two squares. Motifs are good because you can grab a skein and work on them everywhere. Also, if you assemble as you go and time runs out, the 'ghan will probably already be ready! You'll have fun making your pattern with colored pencils and graph paper.
  6. Cool! Welcome! I use off the wall fibers sometimes, too! I just joined the other day and I love it.
  7. I used up some fuzzy, variegated dji dji with this circular wrap, which allows for a nice 2/3 semicircular fold to go over my shoulders. The pattern (KC108 from Karabella Yarns) calls for 44 rounds, but I only did 20. The downside of dji dji is that it's hard to frog! I even used an N hook. I made some mistakes; the fiber isn't very forgiving in my hands. I think at forty rounds it would be impossibly fluffy! I have a cone of pink flake cotton with which I would like to try all 44 rounds. The outcome would be much closer to the finished fabric in Karabella's picture, though not mohair. I think it's sort of elegant and mostly weird! My DH snapped these photos for you.
  8. Thank you. Did I post the link correctly according to the forum rules? DH is having to teach me how to do everything. I don't want to run afoul of the admins as I love it here.
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