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  1. hello everybody. I've increased my rounds to desired circumference and now need to start working even for my baby beanie. Do I still ch1 before starting my sc's? and if so do i skip the first stitch to end up with the same number of total stitches? if i don't ch1, why was i in the increasing rounds instead of just 2 sc in the first stitch? thanks so much!!
  2. Thanks guys! I did as you said and ended up with the right number of stitches!
  3. Hi ArtMama, thanks for your reply! The slip stitch is connecting the circle well. What I mean by covering up the first stitch is that when I count the V's I end up with same number as before the slip stitch, like it's covering up what was #1 before. It makes a V but doesn't add a V (does that make sense??). Am I doing something wrong? It didn't do that in the foundation round for example, it looked like it was just connecting and not making a V...
  4. Hello everybody, I'm on my very first project and am excited to practice and learn! I've just posted my first question and hopefully will get more concise with experience... I look forward to being a part of this community. Thanks! Jusap
  5. Hello, I am brand new to crochet and after some stitch practice I am on my very first project, a baby beanie. I have completed 5 rounds and by counting stitches obsessively have made no mistakes that I can tell! I put aside my project for a day and when I started my round 6 suddenly I am confused. At the end of round 5 I had 48 stitches. I put a stitch marker (paperclip!) in stitch 48 then did a slip stitch into stitch #1 of that round to connect (ie not a spiral pattern). that gave me a stitch past the paperclip. To start a round the pattern tells me to chain 1. That's now 2 stitches past my paperclip. Then I am to "single crochet in same stitch - this counts as 2 single crochet in the 1st stitch" then sc in following 5 stitches before doubling again to grow. But when I sc I now have 3 stitches past my paperclip, not 2, so if I sc 1 in stitch 2 of round 5 and continue the pattern won't I have an extra stitch at the end (57 instead of 56)??? Please help! I have no idea how I was doing it in the first five rounds without a problem. Am I inserting the hook in the wrong place for the first sc? I notice that the slip stitch covers the first stitch of round 5 (ie if I count it as #1 I still get to 48 at my paperclip) so should I be backtracking into that stitch rather than the space next to it and the chain? I hope this is clear enough and that someone has advice... Thanks!!
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