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  1. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!!!
  2. Thanks everyone!! I managed to get it working And @magiccrochetfan, that's a really handy tip! I have a doily that needs to be reshaped, so I'll give it a go! Thanks!
  3. Thanks magiccrochetfan, the link was certainly interesting! But quite the help I needed.
  4. @alohadave, no it's not just the foundation chain, the whole thing curls and when I try to lay it flat it ends up with a ruffle. I may just switch wools but it's a shame because I really like the colour! @magiccrochetfan, I've tried using bigger hooks, but it messes up the gage. I might give it another go! And ove never heard of wet blocking, so I can't.say I've tried it Thanks for the link I'll check it out now
  5. Hi! I've made collars before, so this time I thought it would be no different. I'm using an 8ply cleckheaton red wool and a 4.25mm hook (it reccommends 4.00mm but I don't have one). I've never used this wool before. The foundation chain contains 67 stitches, and for some reason every time I try my chain twists/curls/spirals. This has never happened before, and i've experimented with different hooks and tensions and always get the same result - twisted and frustrating. I've even tried using a bigger hook for the foundation chain and a smaller for the rest, and that didn't work. Could the wool that I'm using be a problem?? It seems to me like a rather thick 8ply, but I would have thought the thicker hook would solve the problem in that case. HELP!! Thanks guys
  6. Hello there! My name is Annabelle! My mum taught me crochet when I was about seven, and I became an expert on starting projects and never finishing them. That was until about six months ago, when I became very sick. I ended up getting post-viral chronic fatigue! I was digging around my studio one day, and I pulled out a blanket that i started maybe five years ago. I pinched one of my mum's crochet hooks and never looked back! I've been making blankets, beanies, doilies, flowers, collars, and all sorts! I'm too mentally fatigued to learn how to read patterns, so I've been learning off YouTube and teaching myself. Crochet has provided the perfect creative escape from my fatigue I'm thinking about starting an Etsy store when I have made a few things Thanks for reading! Annabelle
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