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    Taught myself to crochet as a young girl after being in awe of the gorgeous doilies an elderly neighbor was creating... 35+ years later, I still have the doilies she gave me, and have recently rekindled my passion for crochet
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    Vancouver, BC
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    Crochet, sewing, counted cross stitch, cooking, photography, exploring nature
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    Afghans, shawls, motifs, accessories, decor items
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    Since 1975
  1. Crochetville! May your yarns remain untangled!! It's an honor to be part of this community! Thank you, Amy & Donna!! Love the tagline, too!!
  2. Perfect for me as well! I'm a member of CGOA but there is no local chapter here in Vancouver, BC. I've been able to find 1 knit/crochet group & it takes place Friday evenings ~my time with hubby after his 60+ hour work week~ I'll be watching for more info!
  3. :hifrom Vancouver, BC. A friend of mine lives near Kassels. Are you close?
  4. Thank you, Everyone, for the warm welcome
  5. Would love to meet up with some fellow crocheters in Van... lots of knitters, but yarn hookers seem to be a rare breed around here...
  6. Hello to all from beautiful Vancouver, BC~ New to Crochetville. Picked up my first crochet hook at age 11. Recently "graduated" my yarnings from afghans & dishcloths to dabbling with designing and exploring thread work ~ lovin' every minute of it!! Looking forward to being part of the community Carla "May your yarns remain tangle-free"
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