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  1. Thank you so much!
  2. Thanks everyone - I appreciate the kind comments. Working with thread is fund. My mom made tons of Barbie purses and hats out of cotton thread and very small steel hooks when I was a little girl. I will probably make at least two pillows to match. Sandra
  3. I apologize for taking so long - I posted a small thumbnail of my queen cover in Other Thread Crochet. Posting a photo of the entire cover does not show the detail. Each square is about 13 inches.
  4. The spread will make a very nice cover for a solid quilt or other bed covering for a queen sized bed. It consists of individually croched squares in #10 white thread. I made it as an heirloom for my daughter - it took me about a year (between other projects).
  5. I am in Minden. (Between Shreveport and Monroe)
  6. Thank you for all the links. Crocheters are the best!
  7. Love, love this! Thank you so much. Did you post it on Pinterest?
  8. I have attached a photo of a scarf I want to make but have not been able to find the pattern. Can anyone help. Thanks Sandy
  9. Hello Thomas! I am from northern Louisiana. I lived in Kerpen many years ago, north of Köln, and loved everything about Germany.
  10. I saw a post on Pinterest for a square which has a heart at the center. The link was to Crochetville but I have not had any luck finding the pattern. If someone knows where I can find it, I would really appreciate the help. Sandra:)
  11. Hello My name is Sandra - I live in Louisiana. Crocheting has been a favorite pasttime of mine since I was 18. I taught myself from a book I bought in 1970. Since then, I have made hats, children's clothes, sweaters, afghans in both yarn and thread, crosses, Christmas trees and other ornaments, scarves and shawls. My largest project (took about a year) is a queen sized bedspread cover in white #10 thread. It is made of 64 13" squares in a pineapple design I found in a pattern book. If I can get a photo of it, I will post it. It is great to be here. In 2013, I hope to enroll and complete the Master Crochet Course offered by CGOA. Happy New Year everyone!