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  1. I am looking for a patter for the elephant carpet pattern making the rounds on facebook. Anyone know where I can find it.
  2. Thank you so much for the pattern. Here is the one I made. I tried adding a few rows to make it fit an infant. But used my cabbage patch doll as the model.
  3. Thank you for the pattern I am making it now but I am using a larger hook and adding a few rows to see if I can make it to fit a real baby. I hope it looks as good as your original.
  4. Your star was posted on facebook in the "Cuteness Overload" page. I am so glad to found your pattern. It it amazing! I hope to make it larger for a live baby.
  5. I am 51 and have been crocheting for 12-13 years.
  6. I crochet during my lunch hour at work and on weekend between loads of laundry. This year football season has been good for me. My husband watches and yells at the TV and I crochet. Some times he discusses the game with me I look up and agree about whatever he just said.
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