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    Lois Aliotta
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    I bought a book "Learn to Crechet in 10, 20, 30 minutes and once I started I couldn't stop. A cousin has told my I inherited all my Aunts crochet genes. That makes me feel connected to my own history.
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    Reading, Dance and of course CROCHET
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    searching for new job
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    baby blankets
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    Started in the late 1990s
  1. I am looking for a patter for the elephant carpet pattern making the rounds on facebook. Anyone know where I can find it.
  2. Blanket, Bonnet and booties in Bavarian crochet (aliteration not planned)
  3. ReniC - the person this was made for is a horse rider and that is why they requested the outfit.
  4. The cow girl out fit was posted on facebook.. I was ask to make it. I found the pattern posted for free on the internet. Here is my version
  5. Just fooling around with scrap yarn. I was asked if I could make a dreadlock hat in Univ of Florida colors. A co-worker's wife had a baby A friend asked for a hat for a cancer patient friend.
  6. This is my dear friend Janet's granddaughter's blanket. We lost Janet to Cancer two years ago. Just this month her granddaughter was born - wonderfully named Janet Marie. As I planned the blanket I remembered something from my inheritance from my Aunt Lil. When she died I received her crochet everything including 60 - 1 inch pink flowers. What could I make with them. My friend's favorite color was blue. Thanks to the show Knit and Crochet Now I learned the African flower. Here is my own rendition of these two together.
  7. Something I thought up and as I crocheted the design changed and grew. It will go to a friends daughter just born in December
  8. lois106


    I had an old ugly barrette than needed a little sprucing up
  9. I used a scrap yarn and a free crochet poinsettia pattern. Then I used 2 different green yarns for leaves and the connecting garland.
  10. I have seen crocodile booties on face book for months. Then a friend sends the picture to me and says "I like blue". I took it as a challenge. I have made many baby booties and learned the crocodile stitch on YouTube. My big mistake is I didn't know how big to make them. My girlfriends booties are a little too big but they are cute
  11. I heard a co-worker had a baby girl, so I hit my scrap stash and this was the result
  12. lois106

    Minion Hat

    Red, I like our monster
  13. I made the Bunting from a pattern placed on this forum. Then I decided to try more and made a blanket to match. Thank you for letting me share and for sharing the talent of others
  14. lois106

    Minion Hat

    I know that this has been done by many [people but I just had fun doing it. So here is my Minion
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