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  1. Thank you for the help everyone! I took all of your advice and looked at the picture of the project again and I can now see that I'm supposed to do 2 rows of each color (A, B, A, C, D) and then do 2 rows of each color (C, B, A, B, D, C, B) and then repeat until the desired length. Thanks again for everyone's help!
  2. Hi Everyone! I've just started to crochet recently and still get confused when reading patterns at times. I'm having trouble with a color sequence. Color Sequence Work 2 rows each with *A, B, A, C, D, **C, B, A, B, D, C, B Do I just do 2 rows each and ignore the asterisks or is there a repeat in there somewhere? Any help would be great!
  3. Hi Everyone, I am trying to make this scarf and I have no idea what to do. Here is a link to the pattern http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/shaded-triangles-magic-scarf. The pattern states: Ch 33. Row 1 (foundation): Working in back bumps sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across -32 sc. Row 2 (Bottom Edging): Ch 3, turn piece 90 degrees, slip st in end of Row 1, turn piece to work along chain side (bottom) of Row 1, ch 1, [skip 1 st, (sc, hdc, sc) next st, skip 1 st, slip st in next st] 8 times, ch 3, slip st in end of Row 1. I understand how to work in the back bumps, but I'm having trouble with Row 2, specifically turning the piece 90 degrees and where to put the slip st in the end of Row 1. Then I'm confused on what it means by turning the piece to work along chain side (bottom) of Row 1. Can anyone help clear this up for me?
  4. Hi Everyone! I have chosen a new pattern to begin, but I need some help. I want to make the throw wider than the specifications in the pattern, but I have no idea how to calculate how many chains I need to start with. Can anyone help? Here is the link to the pattern: http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/ripple-flash-dance-throw Thanks! Jacqueline
  5. Hi Rose! Hi from Washington state! I also joined the site today and I must say it's great and everyone is very helpful! I also have a giant lap dog (a 65lb one)! Welcome! Jacqueline
  6. Thank you so much for the help. I agree that the pattern is not very clear. Is there a convention for the Ch one then sc2tog? Do I start in the first or second stitch? Your help is greatly appreciated!
  7. Sorry I used the wrong terminology in my original post. I understand the chain 3 part and how to do the dc2tog, but I'm confused as to which stitch to begin in. Do I skip the first stitch and then dc the 2nd and 3rd stitch together or do I dc the 1st and 2nd stitch together?
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm sooo excited I found crochetvile! I've just started to crochet and I love it! Jacqueline
  9. Hi Everyone! I've been working on this pattern for a while now and I keep messing something up. Here is a link to the pattern: http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/playful-ripples-throw I think I'm messing up with the double crochets. On Row 2 it states to chain 3 and dc2tog. My question is do I skip the first stitch and double crochet the 2nd and third stitches together? Or do I double crochet the first 2 stitches together? Any help would be great!
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