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    54 yr old mother of 6/5 living, and mamawNaNa of 12 I have RSD in my right leg, fibromyalgia and arthritis. I am a colon cancer survivor x 14 yrs and a 9 year breast cancer survivor. I absolutely love being a mamawNaNa, and want to watch them all grow up!!!
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    reading Amish stories fact and fiction, crocheting, computer, family
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    Disabled LPN
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    grandchildren toys and afghans 4 them
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    October of 2012
  1. I was trying to describe to a fellow crocheter what this yarn is leaving when I try to ty it off, weave it in etc., and realized the 1st letter of each = hubby, LOL!! By the way I was speaking of Bernat bAby blanket yarn, love the polyester but I can in no way figure out what to do with color changes, it is soooo bulky.
  2. Love it. You did amazing. I tried about 10 times and have frogged everyone. just can't do it. But yours is beautiful.
  3. i have not tried a wig shop, it would probably be 2 hours from me, I live in the middle of no where. I will google also. Ty both for suggestions.
  4. where can I find baby mannequin head? I have looked online so much with no luck. i find only adult. Thank you
  5. MamawNaNa


    Grandson loves them!!! I did not stuff the arms or legs.
  6. Finally, ready to block, tie off on back, and do edging. can't decide whether to do charcoal grey or pick a color from it. He is so excited to get it and I am very pleased with how it has turned out. It has been very difficult. At times I had as many as 26 bobbins in a row I was working with.
  7. I bought this pattern from http://www.mckcreations.com/kidstuff1.htm Nancy Bantas instructions are on this page....i am doing sc so i just pull it through the completed stitch loop and tighten the old color down on the new co lor loop...easy as pie. here,,,http://www.crochetville.com/community/topic/146700-have-a-little-extra-something-at-every-color-changehelp-plz/
  8. I have 2 of 4 turtles done so far. I have had as many as 26 bobbins/skeins going at once....staying faithful to Nancy Bantas way of doing color changes. Noahs batman afghan has been washed often and still is great.
  9. If you are sc, you do not need to twist it. Complete your stitch, pick up your new colorand pull it through your loop on your hook,now your loop is uour new color, grap the old color and tighten it, give your new color a little tug too, now crochet as usual. pull your old color do
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