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    54 yr old mother of 6/5 living, and mamawNaNa of 12 I have RSD in my right leg, fibromyalgia and arthritis. I am a colon cancer survivor x 14 yrs and a 9 year breast cancer survivor. I absolutely love being a mamawNaNa, and want to watch them all grow up!!!
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    reading Amish stories fact and fiction, crocheting, computer, family
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    Disabled LPN
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    grandchildren toys and afghans 4 them
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    October of 2012
  1. Is this a place to keep up with what is going on day to day in our lives and what we are working on and how it is coming along? And is this a private group? I have been looking through the forums trying to find which 1 is a day to day post forum. I am hoping this is it. Ty jeannie
  2. My grandmother tried when I was about 9, I couldn't even figure out how to hold it in my hand, did manage to make a bunch of finger chains, LOL Decided suddenly in Oct., to try, and I was amazed at how I picked it up, since I am normally pathetic at anything wiuth my hands, can't draw a stick figure even. But I am hooked, have crocheted probably almost everyday since accept for holiday gatherings, and some of them I came home and crocheted in bed. I love it, am excited, I just wish there was people in my area I could sit with. None that I know of, very rural area in South/central Ohio
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