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  1. Thanks for the help! The pattern is out of a book, I double checked to make sure I typed it right, but alas, no picture to show. I think I understand now. As you can tell I am new to crocheting. Are patterns usually this ambiguous? Abbreviations are pretty clear cut, but this is not the first time I have been stumped. Good to know there are some crafty crafters I can turn to for help. DN
  2. Pattern in question reads as follows: "Row 1: ch 4, (4 dc, ch 3, slip st) in fourth ch from hook" this is a scarf. It seems to me the pattern is directing me to do the 4 dc and the 3 chain and the slip st ALL in the fourth chain. Ok. The dc is no issue, but when you finish the last dc, the hook is in the top of the stitch away from the 4th chain. SO either I chain from where I am at, which is normal for a pattern, or I have to push through the 4th chain to start ch there. Which is it? And then the slip st... I am confused as to why you would slip st at the end of a chain before starting a new row... not to mention, slip st to what? you are at the end of a chain. The slip st i was taught requires a stitch to work into "Row 2: Chain 3, turn, (4 dc, ch 3, slip st) in first ch-3 sp" What does the "3 sp" mean at the end? I know sp means space but not sure what to do with it Thanks in advance DN
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