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  1. I've had projects like that. I make deals with myself. Something like, I can work on anything else on certain days but I have to work on that project on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  2. I am working on a beginners round ripple. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/free-smoothfoxs-beginners-round-ripple The beginning of the rounds say to slip stitch in the next stitch then chain 3. Could I do a single crochet and chain 1 in place of the slip stitch chain 3?
  3. Wow! I have been away from the ville so long I can't even remember the last time I posted. I have been crocheting some but have lost track of how much I have used up. Good news is I haven't added to the stash. Maybe things will calm down here a little so I'm not so spacey about remembering to post my scores. Everyone seems to have been doing wonderful playing with yarn while I've been gone! Great job everyone!!!
  4. I used up 2 skeins this week and don't know if I'm going to have time today to use up anymore. On the positive side, I'm on vacation next week so hopefully I will have some extra crochet time. WTD: +4
  5. I managed to use up a couple more skeins that were dwindling and a ball. WTD: +7 YTD: +27
  6. Sorry I've been absent the last couple of weeks. We were out of town one weekend and super busy the next. I haven't been crocheting a whole lot either. Hopefully I'll get more used up this week since I'm desperately trying to finish a granny c2c afghan. Used up 1 skein this week. +2
  7. Scores for week ending 09/13/2014 Gold Medal: Bailey4 with +9 Silver Medal: CLLinda with +8 Bronze Medal: BigPinkPolkaDot with +2 Using Up Yarn: Shining_Star +2 Ladychris2010 +2 Holding Steady: Howieann 0 Crabby rat 0 Tnkycrochetnut 0 Randib82 0 Playing with New Yarn: Ellie 13 -2 Addicted2patterns -3 Greyhoundgrandma -9 Shoot the Moon: Shannart -21
  8. Only used up 1 skein this week. WTD: +2 YTD: +20 Gathering scores for the week to post now. Be looking for the list shortly.
  9. Only managed to use up 1 skein on a scarf this week. I am prepping for my trip to the moon. WTD: -111 YTD: +18
  10. Got to dig through just now. Lots of purples, pinks and greens. I love to work with those colors so I'm a happy camper. There were 51 full skeins (including 2 pounders) and 7 balls. Plus I bought 2 skeins for a scarf yesterday. Sitting at -113 for the week so far. I know I am only going to get a couple used up this week. Oh boy!!!!! :-)
  11. Well, my family just left to drive back home. Just before they left my mom remembered that my grandmother had sent harm with her for me and it was in their trunk. 3 large trash bags full of yarn and according to mom that was only half of what she actually had for me. Go shopping people!!! I haven't had a chance to count it up, but it looks like my wonderful YRS score is going to be wiped out!!! I will count it up and post back later....
  12. I have family here for the weekend so I won't have any time for crochet. I only rolled a ball this week. WTD: +1 YTD: +129
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