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  1. Beautiful!! I think this one is my favorite bag!!
  2. Hope hubby is doing better. You are both in my thoughts and prayers!
  3. Beautiful!! If I am lucky enough to win, green ink please. THANKS!!
  4. That shawl is so beautiful! Please enter me! Thanks!
  5. Thank You for sharing!! I may have to make 2 of these! (One for me, of course, and another for a friend of mine.)
  6. Another great tote!! I grew up in a small town (If you go through Main Street, it is 2 miles long through town). I have now moved back to that same town but it is not the same. They built a highway through here and it is nothing but trouble. Wish the town could have stayed the same. Wish I could now move away. I would love to move to another small town, like the one I used to know growing up.
  7. Hello and welcome to the 'Ville!! I am from the Lehigh Valley! Those silk shawls sound like they are beautiful!! And it is your wedding, so try not to fret over what one person says. I have learned in life that you can not please everyone no matter how hard you try. (Believe me I have tried!) You are a very thoughful, beautiful woman to make all of those shawls with love and give them to your bridesmaids.
  8. Nice!! Looks like a firework bursting out!! I may have to make a few for 4th of July!!
  9. Cute!! I just love your squares and have used many of them for charity projects!!
  10. Please enter me!! I make blankets to donate to the NICU at a local hospital and this would be perfect! Thanks!!
  11. Very nice!! Please add me to the drawing!! I have my bathroom decorated with "sea life"!! I have to soon replace my toilet seat cover (getting dry-rotted and stretching at the ends). Thanks!!
  12. Another beautiful pen!! Please enter me!! And for the color ink, if I am lucky enough to win, green please!! Thanks!!
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