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  1. I missed this one too!! This is a great looking bunting!!
  2. I agree!!! Looks so much like Bindi!! Another great pattern!!
  3. You always have such great patterns! I have a 4 year old niece who enjoys playing with dolls. I keep some dolls here at my house for when she stops in. I have to find some time to make these outfits for her. (Of course I will have to make 2 sets because she will want to take a set home.)
  4. :clapThanks Kristie! Another great pattern! I will have to see if I can make a few of these up for the toy drive that my son's school is having for St. Christopher's Children's Hospital. The toys need to be at the school by Dec. 6th. Have a great day!
  5. THANK YOU! Thanks for all of the patterns you have posted!
  6. THANK YOU! Darski, Did you ever have dreams about becoming a fashion designer? All of the outfits are great! Have a great day!
  7. Thanks again Darski! Another great pattern! My niece in Florida has a birthday in June. I am working on her sets now. She's going to have a BIG box to open on her birthday! Thanks again!
  8. :clapTHANK YOU! I am going to Wal-Mart tomorrow to get more yarn! I have all of your Dora patterns in a binder! I am going to hopefully start on some of these great outfits tomorrow! Have a great day!
  9. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! More great patterns from a great person!
  10. Another great one Darski! THANK YOU so much for taking the time to design these and also for taking the time out to post the patterns! I truly appreciate all of them! You are truly talented!
  11. I agree with Tampa Doll! Go Eagles! Thanks again Darski! Another great outfit! By the time my 1 year old niece is ready for this, Dora will have a whole closet full of clothes! My 4 year old niece lives in Tampa so I will have to call up my sister and see what her school colors will be when she goes to school. I am going to try and get to Wal-Mart tonight and get at least 2 dolls so that I can get started on these! THANK YOU!!
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